Saturday, November 18, 2017
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NBA Number Draft May Have a Legal Battle on Hand


kyrie-irvingWest Orange, New Jersey - The recently held NBAs number one draft pick, Kyrie Irving is in some trouble after allegedly making criminal threats to Miss Hawaii, a young video model.

According to MediaTakeOut, who exclusively broke the news, a few months ago, Irving was on Twitter looking for some ‘action’ from online groupies, and he struck a friendship with a popular Twitter female named ‘Miss Hawaii’ whose real name is Jessica Jackson.miss-hawaitt


While Tweeting back and forth with each other and also having a video chat via Skype, Miss Hawaii and Irving both agreed that Miss Hawaii would fly down to North Carolina so they can meet.

But as soon as Miss Hawaii got to North Carolina, Irving looked at her and decided that she was not ‘cute enough; for him. So he ignored her . . . and she went back to NYC, without getting any.

restraining_orderMiss Hawaii was furious at the way she was treated by Irving and decided she would blast him on Twitter. She went on saying all kinds of things about the NBAs number one draft pick.

Well Kyrie began to get scared that all the confusion that Miss Hawaii was putting out about him, could jeopardize his NBA draft status so, according to Miss Hawaii - he began to threaten her.

But Miss Hawaii was not to be deterred, she went to the police with her complaints . . . and had them place a restraining order against Irving, and she plans on filing a civil suit against him.
(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in a MediaTakeOut publication)


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