Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Greater Internet Management a Priority for Technology Ministry


ededBASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, (Wednesday 12TH September 2012) – The government of St. Kitts has been taking steps to exercise greater control over its internet infrastructure, in light of the increased use and reliance of the internet, as a means of communication and business transactions.

A government report has indicated that the Minister of Technology, Glen Phillip, has been making the case for the administration to implement more enhanced and coordinated practices that lead to overall better management.

Central to this new effort, said the Minister, has been the installation of an Internet Root Name Server at the National ICT Centre.

For government officials in the technology ministry, the Root Name Server is seen as the phone directory of the internet, listing addresses of websites and web services.

To date, the government has installed the required servers and internet switch which were configured by the Department of Technology and this is viewed as a landmark achievement that the government is proud of, according to a spokesman.

The new system is expected to deliver various benefits, including faster and more reliable internet services and further opportunities for investment in ICTs and related services

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