Monday, December 18, 2017
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Sidama Jones-Biography



Sidamo-Jones-2I am the epitome of a seductive lioness. Do not let my calm demeanor fool you as I am a very motivated, energetic and determined soul. Born under the sign of Leo, I am a pageant veteran, who also enjoys modeling and working out.


You would not be able to tell that I am the proud mother of a very precocious 4 year old who adds to me keeping fit just to keep up. 

Growing up in Hanley’s Road Gingerland, the most-together village, has molded me into a well-rounded individual. I adapt very well to new situations and I feel this is one of my strong attributes. Gingerland is also where my educational background stems from as I attended both the Gingerland Primary and Secondary Schools. After graduating high school in 2003, I attending the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College where I obtained Cape passes.

From 2006 to present I have not only participated in various pageants but I was also part of a very successful chaperone team. Currently I can boast of these current pageant milestones:

1st Runner up Miss. Culture 2006
2nd Runner up Miss National Carnival 2006
Queen of Miss. Culture Swimwear 2011
1st Runner up Miss. Black San Swimwear 2012
Queen of Miss. Sapphire Swimwear 2014
2nd Runner up Miss. White Sands 2015

Staying fit is the main motivation for my participation in these types of competitions. I believe that it is in the best interest of women to take care of their health and fitness so that they can be more effective in their social roles. In order to fulfill all the roles that have been placed on the backs of women, our health and wellbeing must be of primary importance. The main benefit of being and staying fit is to help overall health in areas of physical, psychological and physiological wellness. Exercising also acts as an efficient method of stress relief which is needed since I have a full time job as a Tax officer at the Nevis Inland Revenue department along with being a mom. 

A quote by Martin Luther King Jr inspires me the most. It states “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl; but whatever you do keep moving forward.”
I hope that I will be a role model to all those women who feel as if they cannot get fit because they are too busy, too tired or just not motivated. As my personal motto infers, just do what you can as often as you can and keep moving forward. Find something fun, find an exercise buddy or just do a random dance with your children. But whatever you do just get moving.


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