Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Lintricia Hughes



LintreciaLintricia Hughes is an entrepreneur, fashion stylist, and an established make-up artist. She specializes in redesigning accessories and doing classic make-up for all types of occasions. She has also participated in several local and international shows as a model. Lintriciadraws her inspiration from her love and passion for art and beauty. She's always keeping up to date with the new styles and trends in the world of fashion and make-up art in order to give her clients the look they desire. She hopes to create her own fashion line in the future. 

Lintricia is also passionate about improving access to health and has been active in charitable causes in Saint Kitts and around the world. Together with her partner, she's the co-founder of Surgery Matters - a social media platform advocating for improved access to surgical care in developing countries. Lintriciais currently studying Sociology, and she aspires to become a Clinical Psychologist in the near future

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