Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Jacynthia Teshiera



JacynthiaJacynthia Teshiera is the epitome of authentic art and rhythmic poetry, a person who dwells on the belief that self-indulgence procreates an environment for confidence. It is with this dominant attribute, she musters up the courage to be resilient and persistent in all her efforts. Jacynthia is a former Architecture graduate at the CFBC with the passion to redefine the description of building artistry. Jacynthia hails from the community of St Peter’s, and lends her time and efforts to a charitable organization and is an active member of the Reach for Recovery Breast Cancer Foundation. She believes that in the midst of chaos, it is potent that we reach out to those who are desirous of our love and attention. Like the long flowing curls in her kinky fro, Jacynthia possesses an electrifying yet exuberant personality like no other.

Jacynthia has made several appearances at local fashion shows where she expresses her love for the stage. She graced the cover of Zen Magazine out of Africa and got a personal spread in SHE Caribbean magazine, Page 32. She was a promotional model for Viva Caribbean in 2012 and was the face of Nevis fashion week 2012 entitled ‘Untamed’. When placed in front of the camera a whole new world is awakened, she becomes visual poetry, a living testimony of walking art. She lives by two quotes; ‘What you do not have in natural talent you can make up for in discipline’ and ‘anything worth doing is worth doing well’. Jacynthia Teshiera embraces the beauty in every dull situation and believes that for each moonlight, there will be a brighter sunlight. She is a lioness, effortlessly graceful at every step towards something different. There is ferocity within her that she does not wish to tame and has no intentions of pacifying. 

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