Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Anna Mariah makes a statement


A-M-09Montego Bay-based singer Anna Mariah is currently promoting her latest single Ride. Produced by Ellye B Studios, the song and music video she said implores females to be confident, even as it relates to sex and relationship issues.


“I know for sure there are a lot of times we as women, and some men too, want something/someone and we just sit and wait.

We want to be hunted, but nothing is wrong with hunting every once in a while, especially when it's a kill that's definitely worth it. So in this video, we see all that and more,” she told the Jamaica Observer.


Ride was released in May.


Anna Mariah – given name Anna-Kaye Mariah Morris – first came to the spotlight in 2015 after making it to the top five position in the Digicel Rising Stars Competition.


“Rising Stars competition played a vital role in my current status in the music industry. So that in itself was a great help in getting my music across the musical hemisphere,” she said.


However, her entry into music started much earlier when she began singing in the church and at community events.


“I have been singing ever since I can remember in community events, family occasions but mainly in church. To add to that, all my siblings sing as well. So can you imagine what the noise level in that house like,” she said between laughter.


The Herbert Morrison Technical High School past student got a glimpse of the spotlight as a member of that school's band. In 2010, they won Best High School Band.


She is also known for other singles like Sail Away and a a cover of Paula Abdul's hit Rush Rush.

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