Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Police release cause of Ashburry’s fire



Fire-AshBasseterre, Wednesday, 18th October, 2017 ( - One day after an early morning fire in downtown shopping district of Basseterre, authorities are now sharing what they believe was the cause of the blaze.

Both the Fire Services Department and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police have worked together to determine the origins of the fire.

In a release shared on Wednesday, it was disclosed that the fire was electrical in nature.

It was also revealed that the fire started in the upstairs offices of the Ashburry’s store, which is located on the ground level.

Officials confirmed that “All the contents of that office were destroyed and the ceiling received considerable damage.”

It was on Tuesday morning at around 5:45 when the alarm was sounded and fire and rescue service personnel responded to the blaze on the corner of Liverpool Row and Fort Street, at the Circus, in the heart of the capital city.

At first, however, emergency services were told that the fire was at the Lemon Grass restaurant, which shares the upstairs portion of the mostly wooden structure, but upon arrival and initial actions, it was soon realized that it was in fact down the corridor at the Ashburry’s offices.

On the northern side of the affected area is an office run by Reliance Agency and on the Southern side is a photo studio.  Both areas received minor smoke and water damage as a result of the extinguishing operations.

Additionally, the downstairs business section of Ashburry's received water damage as a result of the extinguishing operation as well.

The investigations, however, are continuing said the release.

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