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Ms. Pamela Ann Tyson



pamelaanntysonCharged with the management of the St. Kitts National Netball Team for many years including 1973 and 1978 when St. Kitts won the Regional Championships. Pamela Ann Tyson distinguished herself in the Sporting world.  But being the well-rounded individual that she is Ms. Tyson’s attributes was also celebrated in the working world.  Through commitment, dedication and an iron willed fixation on excellence.  Ms Tyson navigated her way upward to a creditable and scarcely matched number of achievements throughout her career which lasted from 1950-1995.

In Ms. Tyson’s era. Being a civil servant meant being flexible. It meant being able to fit in wherever your expertise was required. It meant learning new skills and techniques to help the process of good governance. It meant going above and beyond the call of duty.


Ms. Tyson makes her debut in the working world as a substitute in the Crown Attorney’s Chamber moving to the Post Office and Treasury Department in quick succession. In 1951 she was appointed Junior Clerk in the Pension able Establishment and posted to the Crown Attorney’s Chambers Performing secretarial duties. Within quick time she was promoted to senior clerk.

Her flair for organization and management soon distinguished her among hr peers as in 1964 she was appointed Executive Officer and placed in charge of the central Registry. In 1967 she was transferred to the Health Department with responsibility for administration. By 1980 she was promoted to the Prime Ministers Office as Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister.

She retied in 1995 having worked a full 45 years. But hers was on retiring Personality as was evidenced in the sporting activities that brought that certain gleam to her eye during the period 1955-1979. Perhaps in some other sport the wool could be pulled over her eyes but certainly not in Netball. She had the eyes and the astuteness of an eagle and when the St. Kitts Team competed regionally under her Leadership it was certain to perform with distinction. Certainly regional team saw St. Kitts/Nevis as the team to look out for.

She was a founding member of the St .Kitts Netball Association formerly known as the St. Kitts Netball League. She worked her way through the posts Treasurer, Vice President and President Form 1966-1986.

Ms. Tyson accomplishment made her a citizen of the sporting world as she became Manager and Head of the Delegation to the World Tournament. She was also 1st Vice president of the West Indies Netball Board of Control. In 1975-1979 she was the 1st President of the Caribbean Netball Association.

Her dedication to community development is exhibited in her membership in the Business and Professional Women’s Organization as well as her directorship of the choir at the Co cathedral of the Immaculate Conception for some 40 years. Additionally MS. Tyson conducted mass choirs on the attainment of independence in 1983.

Awards and certificates include the 4H Lady of the Yearpots Certificate of Appreciation presented by the Paul South Committee of East Basseterre Caribbean Netball Associat Award. The Sports Stalwart Certificate Independence Honours Award in Recognition of Her contribution to Sion ‘s Award for dedicated service to the  region; Business and Professional Women’s Club Award and the Warner Park Committee 75th  Anniversary award for dedicated service to netball. A solitary show cabinet would scarcely hold Ms Tyson’s awards over the years but certainly it would be insufficient to hold the treasuries of good memories stored in the hearts of those persons who were privileged to have been touched by her existence.


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