Friday, November 17, 2017
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Wobbly administration faces Tuesday confidence vote



tilman-thomasST. GEORGE’S, Grenada,  – The information minister had intended his scathing attack as a tactical strike on some of his cabinet colleagues.

But Glen Noel might not have bargained for the political firestorm it fuelled within the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), leading to a parliamentary showdown Tuesday that now threatens a first-term government plagued by dismissals, resignations and recriminations.

A secret video recording of his charge that fellow ministers were plotting to remove Prime Minister Tillman Thomas went viral on the Internet and escalated smouldering tensions.

Since then, a second minister has resigned, another minister has been fired, and now the Thomas administration is potentially four votes away from possible collapse about a year before the next general elections are due.

“It is very clear what we have been seeing that we are facing a very dysfunctional government ... that lacks leadership and direction,” declared Dr Keith Mitchell, leader of the main opposition New National Party (NNP), who tabled a motion of no confidence in the prime minister that the House of Representatives is to debate on Tuesday.

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