Sunday, November 19, 2017
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48933-originalBusinessmen and pols regularly forge advantageous relationships, but who's really manipulating whom? Democrats and Republicans alike have friends in high places, and their high-powered pals often have agendas of their own. 

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney

Throughout the Republican primary campaign, Donald Trump courted each of the candidates, all of whom vied for the business magnate's loud-mouthed support. In early February, The Donald finally made his pick, jumping on the Romney 2012 train. So other than birther baggage, what does Mitt get out of the alliance? A heck of a lot of attention, for one. Trump is also spearheading a hefty fundraising campaign for the presidential hopeful, including hosting a "dine with Mitt and Donald" event comparable to Barack Obama's evening with George Clooney. But who's really winning from all the visibility?


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