Thursday, February 23, 2017
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Uber drives into TT

Ub-TTThe week began with something new for local users of the location-based, ride-sharing app, Uber. At 11 am on Monday, January 16, Uber drivers began picking up passengers in San Fernando and Port-of-Spain.

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Business and consumers enjoy longest ever period of economic optimism

JabEconomic confidence among Jamaican firms has increased to an index of 142.0 for the fourth quarter of 2016, up from 139.2 experienced a quarter earlier.

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London will remain 'financial lungs' of Europe

Barc-41London can breathe easy - it will continue to be the financial lungs of Europe, according to Barclays chief executive Jes Staley.

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Barbados Opposition Wants Answers On State Of The Economy

OLFS-9911The main opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) says it will not allow the local economy to “drift along” for another 12 months and called on the Freundel Stuart government to provide a true state of the economy to the population.

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China's President Xi Jinping has told the World Economic Forum that there are no winners when nations engage in a trade war.

Ch-P-3984Mr Xi also told delegates in Davos, Switzerland, that there was "no point" in blaming economic globalisation for the world's problems.

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