Monday, August 31, 2015
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Venezuela in risky financial acrobatics to raise hard currency

Venezuela.44CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP) - The lifeblood of Venezuela's economy is oil, and the dollars it brings in. So with crude prices low, the government is taking desperate measures to get desperately needed hard currency.

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T&T's first Cocoa-Processing Facility launched in Centeno

trini-fruits-33The thrust to make cocoa king again has taken a new direction with the official launch of Trinidad and Tobago's first Cocoa-Processing Facility, the Trinidad and Tobago Fine Cocoa Company Ltd Factory.

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Why liquidate a debt that isn’t troubling anybody? — Holness

Chavez---Portia-88OPPOSITION Leader Andrew Holness said yesterday that he is concerned about why the Government chose to liquidate a PetroCaribe debt "that is not troubling anybody".

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Seaweed invasion on Tobago beaches

seaweed-2Tourism Minister Gerald Hadeed said yesterday that logistical issues have to be worked out to determine what will be done with the tonnes of sargassum algae which washed up on beaches in Tobago last week, when they are collected.

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Big deal in the making? NCB transfers $2.7b worth of shares

NCB-atrium-2Over $2.7 billion worth of National Commercial Bank of Jamaica (NCBJ) shares were transferred last week in a quiet move that hints at a big deal to come.

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