Saturday, October 10, 2015
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China protests by Fanya Metal Exchange investors

chinese-protest.566Hundreds of Chinese mineral investors have protested in Beijing, alleging they have been defrauded.

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Call for Caribbean diaspora brand

Kwayera-Archer-Cunningham.56New York, United States – A Caribbean-American community leader called on West Indians living in the United States to establish a Caribbean Diaspora brand.

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Global logistics hub back on the agenda

KCT.255The matter of Jamaica and its effort to become the fourth global logistics hub after Rotterdam in The Netherlands, Singapore in Asia and Dubai in Arabia, is to move onto the front burner again this week with the observance of World Maritime Day on Saturday.

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Shortage of long-term finance blunts progress in developing countries, says World Bank

financing.96Washington, United States – A shortage of long-term financing since the 2008 crisis is choking the investment-backed growth of companies in the Caribbean and other developing countries and hampering the ability of credit-worthy families to borrow for education and housing needs and escape poverty, a new World Bank report warned today.

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US court allows IRS to get info on American taxpayers’ Belize bank accounts

belize-bank.-56Florida, United States – A federal judge in Miami has issued an order allowing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to serve a “John Doe” summons seeking information about American taxpayers who may hold offshore accounts at Belize Bank International Limited (BBIL) or Belize Bank Limited (BBL).

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