Saturday, April 18, 2015
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BP rebuked over North Sea oil leak

North-Sea-oil-rigs2Norway's oil and gas safety authority blames poor maintenance and serious breaches of regulations for Ula incident.

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Royal Mail sale: ministers set to go where Thatcher feared to tread

Royal-Mail-postboxes2Business minister Michael Fallon has fired the starting gun on a £3bn privatization of Royal Mail and described the sell-off as a "practical, logical, commercial decision".

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IMF to review Antigua's economic performance

Antigua-flag2A delegation from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) arrives in Antigua on Monday to review the operations of the multi-million dollar Stand-by Agreement (SBA) the financial institution has with Antigua and Barbuda.

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Promises Made in a Bond Covenant

bonds2Promises made between parties come in many different forms and shapes. On the playground children make "pinky swears" to keep a secret or to share toys or sweets based on some agreeable outcome; husbands and wives on their wedding day promise a long, but very "doable" list of things; advisors promise, among other things, to keep the clients' best interest at heart; the issuer promises, again among other things, to repay bondholders and the list continues.

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Possible Home Remedies for Wealth Erosion

house2As the Government of Jamaica awaits the imminent approval of its IMF staff-level loan agreement by the IMF Board, one may be inclined to ask, "What does this agreement mean for me and my family?"

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