Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Dwyer_Astaphan_NewThe robbery of seventeen cruise passengers at Brimstone Hill on Sunday, November 14th,2010, was especially painful for me. And today’s  robbery of the Credit Union only added salt to the wound.

I have always been part of the fight against crime.

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Dwyer_Astaphan_copyKurt Allen became  Calypso Monarch  of  Trinidad & Tobago this year with  a  song called “Too Bright”, which focused on then Prime Minister, Patrick Manning and his Government.

Here’s a piece of its chorus:

“Dey bright, dey too bright,

Dat’s why dey nar run de country right.

Dey bright, dey bright for spite,

Dat’s why de country is in dis plight”.

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Defending The Indefensible



I recently read an article in which Dr. Henry Browne, attorney for Minister Glen Phillip and former minister Cedric Liburd, was quoted as saying that no public funds were utilized in either case.

To quote Dr. Browne, as reported at “For the avoidance of doubt, let me make it abundantly clear that public funds were not used to finance the response of the Hon. Minister Phillip to Mr. Grant’s frivolous petition. The same fact applies with equal force to the situation with respect to Mr. Cedric Liburd. Cedric Liburd hired a private lawyer, which he was obliged to do. My friend Mr. Phillip sought my services and I gave him the best services I can give. I want everybody to understand, especially those who are peddling it”

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