Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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Democrats have enough votes for a Gorsuch Filibuster


Senate Democrats secured enough votes to sustain a filibuster of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court, ensuring Republicans will abolish cloture votes on high court nominees — the so-called nuclear option.

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Unfriendly fire: US strikes that have killed civilians


The explosion in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul last week, which residents say killed more than 100 civilians, may have been caused by a U.S. airstrike, making it potentially one of the deadliest attacks on civilians ever carried out by American forces.

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London attack: Police make two more 'significant' arrests in terror investigation


British police say they have made two further significant arrests in the investigation into the attacks on Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament in London.

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  • New Cayman Islands coalition government appears set Following an inconclusive result to last week’s general elections in the Cayman Islands, Alden McLaughlin looks set to remain as the British territory’s leader in a coalition between his People’s...
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