Sunday, February 07, 2016
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Rihanna confirms she's single

Rihanna-111Rihanna is anti-boyfriend! At least for now, that is.

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Halle Berry: Oscars race row is 'heartbreaking'

Halle-1The first black woman to win the best actress Oscar, Halle Berry, has described the current storm over racial diversity in Hollywood as “heartbreaking”.

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Thousands of Fans Signed a Petition for Snoop to Do What?

Snoop-DoggThe hip hop icon recently narrated a few clips of the famous BBC series for Jimmy Kimmel Live in a segment called “Plizzanet Earth,” and he did so well that a fan launched a petition to get the smooth-voiced rapper to narrate the entire series.

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Black or White? Actor Fiennes cast to play singer Michael Jackson

BoW-1British actor Joseph Fiennes has been cast as iconic African-American pop star Michael Jackson in an upcoming TV comedy, provoking scorn on social media on Wednesday and fueling a controversy in the entertainment industry over opportunities for black artists.

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