Thursday, May 05, 2016
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Azealia Banks Backtracks On Beyonce Praise, Blasts 'LEMONADE'

B-and-BAll pleasantries must come to an end. That’s Azealia Banks’ primary motto (not really, but that’s how we see it). After originally blasting Beyoncé for her acting skills, which she had yet to see in Lemonade as she took aim before its release, the Harlem native turned coat and actually praised Bey for her latest album, calling it “exactly what pop culture needed.”

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Prince's band The Revolution to reunite in his honour

Prince-a1Members of Prince's former band The Revolution have announced they will reunite for a series of concerts.

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Hammond bares soul

H-1It’s been nearly a month since the terrorist bombings in Brussels, Belgium, which left 35 people dead (including three suicide bombers) and 300 injured.

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Prince death: 'No sign' it was suicide, sheriff says

Prince-33There is "no reason to believe" that Prince's death was suicide, the sheriff of the Minnesota county where the singer had his home has said after a post-mortem.

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