Wednesday, October 07, 2015
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Lady Gaga Gets Deeply Personal About the "Isolation" of Fame—and How American Horror Story Has Saved Her

lady-gaga-saved.999The second Lady Gaga entered the room for our E! News interview on the set of American Horror Story: Hotel, it was clear something was…off.

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Rihanna Reflects on Finally Breaking Away From Chris Brown, Admits She ''Gets Horny'' but Isn't a Fan of Meaningless Sex

rihanna-talks.577There's the Rihanna you're used to seeing in the media, and then there's the actual Rihanna. Spoiler alert: They're not the same person.

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Will Smith is 'recording new music and planning world tour'

will-return.455Will Smith has revealed he is planning a musical comeback, including a new album and his first ever world tour with sidekick DJ Jazzy Jeff next year.

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Amber Rose Cried Over Slut Shame By Wiz Khalifa & Kanye West

amber-cries.66633Amber Rose hosted her first Slut Walk rally in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday. The blonde bombshell is stirring up a lot of controversy while promoting a cause dear to her heart.

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