Thursday, February 11, 2016
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Black or White? Actor Fiennes cast to play singer Michael Jackson

BoW-1British actor Joseph Fiennes has been cast as iconic African-American pop star Michael Jackson in an upcoming TV comedy, provoking scorn on social media on Wednesday and fueling a controversy in the entertainment industry over opportunities for black artists.

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Jay Z he stunk up our biz bad ... Perfume co. Sues

Jay-Z-x2Not everything Jay Z touches turns to gold -- his cologne line is an absolute disaster and it's all his fault ... according to a lawsuit filed by the manufacturer. 

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Abe Vigoda dies

abe-vigoda-2Legendary actor Abe Vigoda -- who starred in "The Godfather" -- died under hospice care at the age of 94 ... TMZ has learned.

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Another young man hospitalized with gunshot injuries

Chris-RockAcademy Awards producer Reginald Hudlin says host Chris Rock is hard at work rewriting his material for next month’s Oscar show.

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