Sunday, August 30, 2015
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Prosecution rips into defence's argument of conspiracy to convict Kartel

vybes-closeLEAD prosecutor Jeremy Taylor ripped into arguments put forth by defence attorney Tom Tavares-Finson that the police had hatched a conspiracy to convict his client Vybz Kartel, during his closing remarks in the murder trial at the Supreme Court yesterday.

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Brian McKnight Lawsuit -- My Accountant Ruined My Life

brian-mcknightBrian McKnight claims his accountant was so fraudulent, so deceptive ... the money man stooped to secretly getting a United States congressman to help cover up his misdeeds.

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Michael Jackson Estate: Molestation Accuser Wade Robson Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Pursue Claim

wade-RobsonThe Estate of Michael Jackson is asking a Los Angeles judge to reject Wade Robson‘s molestation claim against the late singer because he supposedly waited too long to file.

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When Did Victoria Beckham Become An Inspiration?

vicky-bekhamYou might not have known this, but Victoria Beckham is kind of incredible. No, I know, you knew that Posh Spice was incredible, and you probably knew that Victoria made some really nice clothes, but there is a slight chance that you were not aware that Victoria Beckham is a pretty wonderful person. It's OK though, because she did this interview with Allure, and we're all going to learn together. Ready?

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