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GoodMorning Beautiful.before i got saved and met with Jesus

Guest » 7pm - December 2, 2010
Lovers Reggae before junior osbourne got saved. Biography Dave Osbourne, better known as Junior Osbourne/Hulligan, was born on February 1st 1973 at Rest District, Milk River, Clarendon. I started singing at the tender age of 5 and make music on the bottom of my mother's cheese pans. I had another passion, which was reciting church functions that my mom always taught me. When I reached the age of 6, I had the opportunity to sing for open functions, such as the Church of God Grounds of Truth and Rest All Age School. My mother took ill shortly after and my father was not around. My next door neighbour by the name of Starky became my guardian. Starky did everything for me as a boy and I would always remember that he told me I have a great talent in singing and performing. Starky was very anxious in helping me to improve on these skills, so he started teaching me. The very first song he taught me was, "Me love in a me heart jus a boil up for she." When he taught me, I mastered this song. He took me out one evening to sing with his Sound System owned by Black Beard and placed me on the top of a bucket and there I performed. That night, I sang my belly out and the crowd loved it and continued to shout, "Sing little D, sing." I continued to sing at these little functions and I just got better and better every time. About 10 years passed by and I decided to change my stage name from 'Little D' to 'Junior Osbourne'. I had the opportunity to sing with artiste like Nickodemus, Super-Cat, Cocoa Tea and Bonnie General. Life started to get rough as time passes by, so I moved to Kingston to live with my uncle. There I meet Barry G and Bammi Man at JBC Radio Station. Barry G took me to sing with his Sound System "Wha Dat". Later in that same month, I moved to 1 Robert Crescent, Kingston 5 to live with Sugar Mynot who owned the Sound System "Youth Man Promotions." There I sang with Color Man and Yammi Bolo, who were artistes. Music was not booming for me, so I had to look for work in order to make a living. While looking for work, I entered the Tastee's Talent Contest and luckily I won the contest that year and that was a sweet win for me. I felt so good winning that contest and things started to look bright for me. From this win, I got motivation to enter some more contests and hope to win. I was told about the J.C.D. Pop and Variety Festival and I signed up. This was the year of 1990 and I was 17 years of age. I thought to myself if I win this contest, I would be happier than ever. I walked away with the Gold Award with the Gold Award with the song 'Boss have a right, Worker have a right too". This was great, however, I tried getting a record and this became very frustrating because I ran around from one Recording Studio to another, until I met a man by the name of "Black Beard" and he assisted me by making a record for me. I sang on All Star Nanny Goat Album. This Album had artiste like Shaka Demus & Pilers, Skullman and Fragga Ranks/Red Rose. The song was ranked at number 1 and 2 throughout the Caribbean and from there, I began to do shows around the Caribbean. After doing shows, I always returned home. I was interviewed by the media about my performances and about the way the people responded to me and of which I was happy to say that I was well received no matter where I performed. During this time, I have continued to sing and performed. My former manager by the name of Louise Bennett, who is now deceased The deceased Louise Bennett was my former manager, was the manager of Popular Artistes Cultura, Ninja Man, Ghost. Barkey and Wicka Man. My latest release record was with Beenie Man and Kurt Davis, and my name on that recording is Junior Osbourne also known as Hulligan. I am presently at 34 years of age and still a lover of music and my goal is to become a Recognized World Artiste Currently, I have release a New Single, entitled "Good Morning Beautiful" and this song has been sweeping the people of the Caribbean off their feet. The song sound so good that people of the Caribbean are requesting this song on the radio stations. If you have not heard the song and would like a copy, contact me at 1-869-664-8559. Where there will be a special price just for you in order to receive the single Good Morning Beautiful and couple other singles, including 'Kiss Me Honey' and 'Murder'. Thanks for the support. Advice for the youths, BADNESS OUTTA STYLE, PUT DOWN YOUR GUNS AND KNIVES AND LET US ALL UNITE. WHERE IS OUR LOVE FOR LIFE, ANSWER ME WHERE HAS THE LOVE GONE? WE ALL ARE ONE PEOPLE, WHETHER YOU BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW ETC WE ALL ARE ONE. Listen to my remix song that is mashing up the world and let me know about it. You can log on to and
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