Police seize illegal firearms and drugs over weekend



Police-Commissioner-Ian-Queeley-21Basseterre, St. Kitts, 7th August, 2017 (MyVueNews.com) - Police have seized five illegal firearms over the weekend during separate searches under the on-going ‘Operation Mid Sweep’.


These recent finds bring the total number of firearms seized by Police so far this year to 35. According to the Police, this represents one less firearm than the total seized in 2016.


According to Police press information, the Special Services Unit and the Anti-Drug Unit searched a residential property in Greenlands, on Saturday afternoon, 5th August, where they discovered and seized a Smith and Wesson .40 pistol and a .380 pistol, both with several rounds of ammunition.


The press release states, “That search was one of several carried out as a result of the discovery of twenty-nine dime bags of cocaine in a vehicle during a Stop and Search by members of the St. Kitts and Nevis Defence Force on the Southeast Peninsula earlier Saturday afternoon.”


An additional three guns were discovered in a later search Saturday evening of an abandoned property in Greenlands.


That search yielded, Police said, one Mac 10 pistol, one Glock .9mm pistol, and one .357 Magnum revolver, plus 221 rounds of ammunition.


Commenting on the operation, Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley said, “Today's action by the Defence Force in executing a “Stop and Search” and through their demonstrated vigilance discovered a quantity of cocaine was the first step towards the success we see today.”


He continued, “I commend them, and thank them for their partnership, and their action today. It underscores the significance of members of the Defence Force being conferred with powers pursuant to the proclamation that was issued in support of the Police.”


The Commissioner said the success has been due to strong commitment by officers of the Police Service.


“Today’s success highlights your demonstrated unwavering dedication to duty over the last weeks, working many hours, as we increased our operational tempo, and those efforts delivered.   Today was also an indication, our efforts have paid off.   I say well done, stay focused, be vigilant and remember Citizen Safety is Priority One,” Commissioner Queeley said.

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