Miss Caribbean Talented Teen Contestant 2012- Miss Jamaica



jamaicaMiss Jamaica- Kabrena Robinson,16.  Talented, intelligent, bold and courteous are a few adjectives that describes Kabrena Robinson. A seventeen year old student of the Hampton School for Girls who is an optimist and strives to do her best at all times. I have a passion for the transmission of our diverse Caribbean culture, and will pursue a career in the field of media and communication as I believe that through my God given talent as an outstanding dramatist much can be done to broadcast and sell the cultural aspect of brand Jamaica locally, regionally and internationally.

I treasure the presence of my peers as I believe that through them I am able to express myself in a way that assists in my confidence and esteem building through socialization. Through my hard work and diligence I have been blessed with the opportunity of being a student leader at all levels of my education (kindergarten, primary and secondary) so my role as an ambassador never ceases which is what makes me the bright and stupendously driven young lady I am today. I have a great interest in community development and as such I have taken on the task of participating in numerous community projects through my church and school extra-curricular activities.

 It is an honour to have been given the title of Miss Jamaica Caribbean Talented Teen 2012; this has given me the opportunity to be a role model and a highly influential figure for many teens in Jamaica. This year in the blissful celebration of our 50th anniversary, Jamaicans are on a mission, striving for sustainable and positive growth and development. I am on a mission! A mission to sell brand Jamaica and our culture and through all odds and obstacles I am willing to do my best and allow God to do the rest.



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