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Adam Khoo Learning Centre Welcomes All StudentsBecause we believe sầu that all students can succeed academically and in life.

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Since 2006, has helped over 25000 students achieve stellar academic results beyond expectations through our wide range of programmes.

However, the Online Learning Experience is much more than just books và pens. Lessons are delivered in fun & exciting ways to ignite a passion for learning. 

My grade jumped from a D lớn B for PSLE! Before, I scored a D for my English. Now, I am proud to lớn now say I scored a B for my PSLE English. As a dyslexic, language has always been a problem for me. The English Mastery™ programme helped me fully understand vocabulary and grammar. Thank you Adam Khoo Learning Centre for helping me manage my learning difficulties.

Muhammad Raayan Bin Mohd Ramlan Tanjong Katong Primary School Student of 2010

Adam Khoo Learning Centre has taught me many useful study techniques and in turn, it has helped me greatly in my academics.

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Keith Lyên ổn Pei Hwa Primary School Student of 2010

I would lượt thích khổng lồ thank the teachers at Adam Khoo Learning Centre for their consistent encouragement. Though I had been with the Centre for less than a year, I have enjoyed the lessons tremendously. Whenever I have any personal questions, from school or past exam papers, the teacher provided me with the best answer right on the spot. This contributed to my huge improvement in Maths & me scoring A* for PSLE. Thank you for making the difference!

Ansley Chee Wei-Jinn Nan Hua Primary School Student of 2014

I have sầu been a student at for two và half years. I really value my education at

Before I joined, I hated Math as it was so difficult and I could only score a “B” in school. But after I joined, my Math result had went up to lớn a high “A” & now I scored an “A*” for PSLE. taught us different methods to lớn solve difficult Math questions và the way they taught us was very interesting, I could easily grasp the concept lớn solve sầu the questions. Thank you for teaching me these methods that help me improve so much!

Carmen Low Gah Mung School Of The Arts Student of 2014

I lượt thích Adam Khoo"s learning centre a lot because it teaches us many good examples to lớn be an effective person, on how lớn persevere & vì chưng other stuff as well as lớn score A"s in studies

Khadeeja Nadira 2014 FB review

My son has been with for a few years và he always enjoyed each and every lesson.

David Lee October 2017 FB review

Turbo-Charging Your Child Learning Through Our Online

We are pleased to lớn insize you that amidst this global pandemic, Adam Khoo Learning Centre ( has been making adjustments in the way we operate, especially when the COVID-19 situation started to lớn escalate & affect our familiar way of living và learning.

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With more than 25,000 students across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam giới, Adam Khoo Learning Centre ( is the leading enrichment & tuition provider in Asia.