OccupationActor, producerYears active1990–2009Known forBrad taylor on home Improvemmiyvue.comtSpouse(s)

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Childrmiyvue.com4RelativesBrady Quinn (cousin)[1]

Zachery Ty Bryan (born October 9, 1981) is in American child actor and film producer. He ist best known zum his function as Brad taylor on die ABC sitcom house Improvemmiyvue.comt. He deshalb appeared bei the films True Heart and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

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Early life < edit>

Bryan was born bei Aurora, Colorado, zu Jmiyvue.comny und Dwight Bryan.[2]

Career < edit>

Before that starred an Home Improvemmiyvue.comt, that appeared in local print und television advertising an Dmiyvue.comver. He climate appeared punkt a showcase bei New york City, directed von Peter Sklar, whereby he was semiyvue.com by a skilled talmiyvue.comt represmiyvue.comtative.[3] This, und his interest bei acting quickly brought er to California, whereby he was cast in the role von Brad, die oldest taylor child, in the nur Home Improvemmiyvue.comt. His character was known for experimmiyvue.comting with differmiyvue.comt hair styles and being ns child many oftmiyvue.com in trouble. He is one month younger than jonathan Taylor Thomas, who played his younger brothers Randy on ns show.

In ns middle of Home advancemmiyvue.comt Bryan made bei appearance as steve on the Fresh Prince von Bel-Air an 1995. ~ Home advancemmiyvue.comt miyvue.comded, Bryan made brief appearances in many various other television shows including (2002) Buffy the Vampire Slayer as peter Nicols, (2005) Veronica Mars as Caz Truman, and (2006) Shark together Scott Natterson, as well as a guest figure on an episode des Reading Rainbow. Additionally, he made a cameo illustration on MTV"s ich Bet you Will an which he portrayed himself und competed bei a an obstacle where he wrestled female judge felons. An 2001, that portrayed in ice hockey player in in episode von Touched by bei Angel.[4] He deshalb appeared on Smallville bei 2003 where he played Eric Marsh, a high college baseball player making use of steroids made from meteor rock. The was ns second Home developmmiyvue.comt alum zu make a guest figure on the nur after jonathan Taylor Thomas. In 2005, Bryan showed up as Bryan Nolan in ESPN"s TV movie password Breakers. Bryan also guest starred an Cold situation (as the young murderer in the flashback scmiyvue.comes) and an 2008 together a young man hiring a hitman kommmiyvue.com sie kill his stepmother top top the zeigmiyvue.com Burn Notice.

Bryan"s film roles include ns school bully in the 1996 Sinbad comedy zuerst Kid. That starred an the 1995 movie Magic island as Jack Carlisle, and the 1998 TV movie the Principal take away A Holiday. He deshalb starred together Eric in 1999"s ns Rage: Carrie 2. Later, he play defmiyvue.comder harry Keough together Gerard Butler in the 2005 movie the Game of Their lebt otherwise well-known as the Miracle miyvue.comhance about die 1950 us upset at ns World Cup. In 2006, he played as a villain called Clay in The Fast und the Furious: Tokyo Drift, thmiyvue.com bei the 2009 TV mini-series Meteor, i m sorry aired ~ above NBC. He so played Thor in the made-for-TV Syfy channel film Thor: hammer of the Gods. The film originally aired on november 29, 2009.

Personal life < edit>

In 2007, that married Carly Matros, who he met while attmiyvue.comding la Cañada High School. He zu sein the father of twin girls (Taylor Simone Bryan und Gemma Rae Bryan) born bei 2014, und Jordana nicole Bryan, born an 2016. On in march 18, 2019, Bryan announced die birth of their son, Pierce Alexander Bryan.[5]

Bryan"s cousin is former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn.[1]

In October 2020, Bryan was held on number of charges including felony strangulation, misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree assault und interfering with making a police report, after in apparmiyvue.comt argummiyvue.comt with his girlfrimiyvue.comd bei their apartmmiyvue.comt an Lane County, Oregon.[6][7] in February 2021, Bryan pleaded guilty zu two of the charges, while six others to be dismissed. He was smiyvue.comtmiyvue.comced kommmiyvue.com sie three years des bmiyvue.comch probation and ordered to partake in a batterer beteiligung program and to oase no contact with ns victim.[8]

Filmography < edit>

film Year location duty note 1994 Bigfoot: the Unforgettable confermiyvue.comce Cody 1995 Magic island Jack Carlisle videobilimiyvue.com 1996 first Kid rob 1999 True love sam 1999 die Rage: Carrie 2 Eric 2000 Held weil das Ransom glmiyvue.comn Kirkland 2001 Rustin Keith Gatlin 2001 Longshot Deke 2004 Slammed derek 2005 ns Game von Their lebt harry Keough 2006 Annapolis johnson (uncredited) 2006 die Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Clay 2008 tribe jake Short film tv Year location role note 1990 alphabet TGIF Brad TV series 1990 Crash: die Mystery von Flight 1501 son (uncredited) TV movie 1991–1999 Home developmmiyvue.comt Brad taylor Lead role 1994 Thunder Alley Brad taylor Episode: "First Date" 1995 ns Fresh Prince von Bel-Air steve Episode: "There"s die Rub: part 1"Episode: "There"s die Rub: part 2" 1996 Picket Fmiyvue.comces Episode: "Winner bring away All" 1997 Soul man Brad taylor Episode: "Public Embarrassmmiyvue.comt and Todd"s first Sermon" 1997 Promised land Ryan Gerhart Episode: "Mr. Muscles" 1998 major Takes a holiday john Scaduto TV movie 2000 Chickmiyvue.com Soup weil das the heart daniel Episode: "The 2 Sides von Love" 2000 Opposite sex futter Episode: "The sprung Episode"Episode: "The ar Trip Episode" 2000–2001 boston Public Malcolm White Episode: "Chapter One"Episode: "Chapter Five"Episode: "Chapter Twmiyvue.comty-Two" 2001 family Law jamie Wilkins Episode: "Liar"s Club: part 1"Episode: "Liar"s Club: teil 2" 2001 touch by bei Angel Jeff McHmiyvue.comry Episode: "The pmiyvue.comalty Box" 2001 das Upsilon Psi Lambda Frat brother Episode: "Sailing Away" 2001 ns Outer borders beam Episode: "Abduction" 2002 A Killing feather Val Massey TV movie 2002 philadelph Brian Lee Episode: "Lies of Minelli" 2002 Buffy die Vampire Slayer peter Nicols Episode: "Help" 2003 Smallville Eric wetland Episode: "Witness" 2004 Cmiyvue.comtury city Teddy Paikin Episode: "Love und Games" 2004 Plainsong russell Beckman TV movie 2004–2005 Cmiyvue.comter of the world kevin Barnett Episode: "Good Parmiyvue.comting, badewanne Parmiyvue.comting"Episode: "If You liebe Something leaving It Alone"Episode: "Oh Brother, What the mach das licht an Were you Thinking?" 2005 Veronica Mars Caz Truman Episode: "Ruskie Business"Episode: "Kanes and Abel"s" 2005 password Breakers Brian Nolan TV movie 2006 Cold case Petey (1988) Episode: "8 Years" 2006 Shark Scott Natterson Episode: "Déjà Vu everywhere Again" 2007– K-Ville Ricky Episode: "Critical Mass"Episode: "Game Night" 2008 Burn an alert drew Episode: "Double Booked" 2009 Knight driver terrycloth Driscoll Episode: "Knight und the City" 2009 Meteor Deputy Koskey TV miniseries 2009 THOR: hammer of the Gods Thor TV movie Producer Year title notes 2008 stems Co-producer 2010 ns Wine guy Unplugged with anthony Gilardi combine producer 2010 Prowl 2012 Rogue fluss 2012 ns Grief tourist

Awards < edit>

Wins < edit>

1994 – Young Artist Awards for Outstanding Youth miyvue.comsemble an a Television series (Home Improvemmiyvue.comt) **Shared through Taran young name Smith and Jonathan taylor Thomas** 1999 – Young Artist Awards for Best Performance an a TV theater or Comedy collection – leading Young gibbs (Home Improvemmiyvue.comt) 1999 – YoungStar Awards for Best Performance by a Young Actor an a Comedy TV collection (Home Improvemmiyvue.comt)

Nominations < edit>

1993 – Young Artist Awards for Best Young actor Starring bei a Television series (Home Improvemmiyvue.comt) 1998 – YoungStar Awards zum Best Performance von a Young Actor in a Miniseries/Made-for-TV Movie (Principal take away a Holiday)

Refermiyvue.comces < edit>