Hofer Van Der Bellen Duell

Image caption, austrian presidential rivals: left-leaning Alexander Van das Bellen (L) versus far-right leader norbert Hofer (R)
Austria's presidential candidates go head-to-head on Thursday in a heftig TV debate in which both complained that their fathers had been labelled Nazis.

Du schaust: Hofer van der bellen duell

Norbert Hofer des the österreichisch Freedom splitterpartei (FPOe) and left-leaning independent Alexander Van ns Bellen were debating ahead des Sunday's vote.

Mr Hofer efficiently argued zum a re-run of the vote, ~ a dispute over postal ballots when mr Van ns Bellen directly won in May.

Although die role zu sein largely ceremonial, the austrian president does have the stärke to dissolve ns lower house von parliament, the national Council, and trigger elections.

Mr Van das Bellen said he was hurt the one of his opponent's aides had dubbed his dad a "Nazi". "You nur don't carry out that," he said, whereupon the held up a photo des his father to the TV camera.

Mr Hofer dubbed that move "a dirty foul". He said his father had also been insulted as a "Nazi" on society media. "Stop trying zu attract sympathy in that way - die same thing has been done to me," the told mr Van der Bellen.

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Mr Hofer deshalb alleged that großvater Van der Bellen had actually been a communist spy because von a report on weapons that he had written.

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"You're lied again. This ist ludicrous," großvater Van das Bellen said. He said spying was a capital offence and "such dinge are entirely alien zu me".

On security, mr Hofer said any kind of jihadist returning to Austria indigenous a Middle east conflict zone should be stripped von his österreichisch citizenship. Mr Van das Bellen disagreed with ns proposal.

Mr Van ns Bellen accused his rival von agitating weil das Austria kommen sie leave the eu - miscellaneous that mr Hofer denied.

Then mr Van ns Bellen said großvater Hofer had actually friendly ties kommen sie French conference leader marine Le Pen - und Mr Hofer hit rückseitig by calling herr Van das Bellen a friend of die late Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro.

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A new - und very lang - German word was coined during ns campaign. "Bundespraesidentenstichwahlwiederholungsverschiebung" method "the delay in the repetition of the presidential run-off vote".

Norbert Hofer zu sein a member des a pan-German nationalist fraternity dubbed Marko-GermaniaSome von his nearby colleagues space from in extremist backgroundOne ist Freedom party leader Heinz-Christian StracheThe Freedom party was founded bei 1955 über a previous general in the nazi- SSMr Hofer wants kommen sie reopen controversy over self-determination bei South Tyrol, annexed von Italy bei 1919

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