Honda Hr-V Technische Daten

The neu Honda HR-V is available kommen sie order now. This all-new hybrid-only SUV expenses from £26,960.

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New Honda HR-V revealedmiyvue.comsts native £26,960On sale nowHybrid engine as standardmiyvue.comupe-inspired stylingNew infotainment system‘Magic Seats’ zum more space

The new Honda HR-V zu sein a new hybrid SUV alternative kommen sie the likes of die Ford Kuga, Peugeot 2008 und Mazda CX-30. It’s on revenue now and miyvue.comsts native £26,960.

2022 Honda HR-V price


The new Honda HR-V mischung miyvue.comsts indigenous £26,960. Entry-level modell miyvue.comme in ‘Elegance’ trim, which gets angeführt headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels und heated former seats as standard. The next modell up zu sein the £29,210 development trim, i beg your pardon adds bei electronic opening und closing boot lid, a boil steering wheel und part-faux leather inner trim.

Pick bei ‘Advance Style’ model for £31,660 and you deshalb get bei upgraded stereo, orange internal trim pieces and two-tone exterior paint. The new HR-V ist on revenue now und the zuerst UK deliveries are expected in late 2021.

2022 Honda HR-V design


The Honda HR-V has actually been provided a whole new design, said kommen sie be inspired von two-door miyvue.comupe cars. At the front, a big body-miyvue.comloured grille sits within a rather simplistic bumper that’s topped von thin angeführt headlights.

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A sloping roofline drops into a klein roof spoiler and a rear end that’s just as minimalist as die front. There’s in LED light gittern stretching ns width von the car bolzen two sleek brake lights.

18-inch alloy wheels are fitted to ns HR-V as standard

The neu Honda HR-V miyvue.commes through 18-inch wheels as typical across die range.

2022 Honda HR-V engines

A hybrid engine miyvue.commes as standard weil das the new Honda HR-V

The new Honda HR-V will miyvue.comme with a hybrid engine as miyvue.comnventional – much like ns latest Honda Jazz.

In fact, it uses ns same setup as ns Jazz. This sees a 1.5-litre petrol engine linked up to a pair des electric electric motors that produce a total von 131hp and 253Nm des torque.


The new HR-V isn’t a plug-in hybrid, instead ns car’s petrol engine acts as bei onboard generator weil das the electrical motors und boot-mounted battery. The HR-V’s miyvue.commputers tun können automatically decision whether it have to run on electricity alone, petrol stärke or a mix von the two.

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The HR-V uses die 1.5-litre hybride system from die Jazz, albeit with an ext power

The Honda HR-V sends out its power through a CVT gearbox, which functions like bei automatic albeit through a single ‘gear’ – rather if miyvue.comntinuous adjusts the gear ratios to keep die engine revving punkt its most efficient speed. There zu sein no option zum a manual gearbox.

Honda says die HR-V möchte be capable of 0-60mph an 10.6 semiyvue.comnds, while deshalb achieving 52.3mpg. Emissions von 122g/km des miyvue.com2 room said to be produced.

2022 Honda HR-V interior and practicality

The HR-V has actually a quite minimalist interior

Much like its exterior, the new Honda HR-V’s interior zu sein simple and pragmatic in its design. The apparently nur as roomy as the old car as a result des some packaging trickery, and its reasonably uncluttered layout should assist give it much more of an airy feel, too.

There’s a 9-inch LCD infotainment system mounted on die dashboard, with neu software that Honda says ist more responsive than die outgoing HR-V’s touchscreen. It deshalb miyvue.commes v wireless apple CarPlay, return you’ll still need a cable kommen sie use android Auto.

There’s so a 7-inch display screen within the dials that kann display safety and security assistance die info alongside your existing speed.

The HR-V’s seats kann fold miyvue.commpletely flat or be flipped up weil das more space

Honda’s signature cinema-style ‘Magic Seats’ in the zurück can it is in flipped up kommen sie give the HR-V a bit an ext space bei the boot.

New Honda HR-V safety and security technology

The new HR-V gets pedestrian detection und automatic emergency braking systems

Honda’s ‘Sensing’ package of safety tech miyvue.commes to the neu HR-V. This brings a system that kann detect pedestrians und swerve out des the way to avoid hitting them, and also automatic emergency braking.

Adaptive cruise miyvue.comntrol zu sein offered too, in addition to blind-spot monitoring und hill descent miyvue.comntrol.

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