Horizon Zero Dawn Quest Liste

Horizon Zero Dawn: die Frozen Wilds supplies plenty of new quests, challenges and feats zum eager hunters. Here"s everything you kann sein see und do.

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The Frozen Wilds adds a whole new area to the Horizon Zero Dawn map, and it zu sein fully populated with a stack of new quests and activities.

On this page, part von our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, we"ll outline ns various jene you tun können get hoch to bei The Cut, a neu area discovered to die North of the main game"s map. This ist where you"ll find content added with die Frozen Wilds expansion.

As fine as the primary story quests and major side quests, we"ll list open world content and even carry out a list des Horizon Zero Dawn: the Frozen Wilds trophies zum you kommen sie pursue. That ought kommen sie keep sie busy weil das a while.

Stay far from the Horizon Zero Dawn: the Frozen Wilds trophy perform at ns bottom von the page if you want to avoid spoilers. Die rest von the article is pretty safe.


Horizon Zero Dawn: ns Frozen Wilds main quests

Here ist the taste quest sequence zum The Frozen Wilds. It ist listed bei Horizon Zero Dawn"s quest menu under side quests, but it"s a straight sequence the takes freundin on a tour of the taste locations, und provides access zu dungeons otherwise locked zu Aloy.

To kick off the taste quest in The Frozen Wilds, you"ll need to approach the edge des The Cut und push into the neu area. (See: our page on just how to start Horizon Zero Dawn: the Frozen Wilds.)

Although the questline might seem short, the middle von the arc will oase you haring after multiple objectives von your selection from a an extensive list von options, and each quest after the zuerst involves a fair bit of exploration and dungeon delving - not to cite opportunities kommen sie finish the major side pursuits while you"re hinweisen it.

Into die Frozen WildsThe Shaman’s PathFor die WerakThe Forge von Winter

Horizon Zero Dawn: Into ns Frozen Wilds side quests and errands

Here are ns major next quests and errands we"ve found bei Horizon Zero Dawn: the Frozen Wilds so far. We"ve given details of how kommen sie trigger each one, as well.

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WaterloggedSpeak to ns despondent musician punkt Song’s Edge. Easily accessible immediately after Into die Frozen Wilds.Secret mutual (errand)Speak to ns shouting shaman along die path leading north from Song’s Edge. Obtainable immediately after Into ns Frozen Wilds. Unlocks spear mods.The SurvivorSpeak to the Werak leader bei Keener’s absent – a klein settlement north und slightly ost of Greycatch ruins, und southwest des the Snowchant searching Lodge.The Hunters ThreeTalk zu Burgrend an Song’s leaf after completing die Shaman’s Path.Geared up: Forgefire (errand)Talk to Varga hinweisen Longnotch, a settlement along the ost border of The Cut, after ~ clearing the kies Yield bandit camp and opening die reward box. Upgrades Forgefire.Geared up: Stormslinger (errand)Talk zu Varga ~ completing die Shaman"s Path und opening die reward box. Upgrades Stormslinger.Geared Up: eis Rail (errand)Talk to Varga ~ completing for the Werak und opening the reward box. Upgrades eis Rail.The Claws beneath (errand)Speak to Umnak at Longnotch after ~ completing zum the Werak.Out of the create (errand)Speak kommen sie Aratak punkt the end of die Forge des Winter.Frontier JusticeSpeak to Inatut hinweisen Song’s leaf after ns Forge des Winter.Ikrie’s ChallengeSpeak zu Ikrie at ns Snowchants hunting Grounds after die SurvivorTallneckApproach ns tallneck mite on her map.Bandit Camp – stone YieldApproach ns bandit camp mite on her map.Snowchants searching GroundsVisit die Snowchants hunting Grounds und speak with ns huntmaster.


Horizon Zero Dawn: the Frozen Wilds open world content

In addition to die journal-tracked quests und errands explained above, there are two neu kinds von collectables, a new currency resource und one significant challenge zu complete as you explore Horizon Zero Dawn: the Frozen Wilds.

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Animal FigurinesThere are six Animal Figurine collectables kommen sie pick trost as you explore. You kann sein trade them bei for rewards - and also because doing deswegen is very cool.

Horizon Zero Dawn: die Frozen Wilds trophies

Feel prefer you"ve completely spanked Horizon Zero Dawn: ns Frozen Wild? notfall until you"ve earned every these tophies, sie haven"t. Beware von spoilers in the trophy names und descriptions!

Took ns Shaman"s PathSurvived die Shaman"s Path and found Ourea"s retreat.Won die Werak ChallengeChallenged Aratak at die Frostfigures and won.Completed ns Second ExpeditionSuccessfully struck Thunder"s Drum.Conquered the MountainDrove out the threat within die mountain.Drained die FloodCompletely drained ns floodwater native inside the Greycatch.Won Ikrie"s ChallengeMet Ikrie again at die Snowchants hunting Ground und took first place in her challenge.Fully improved WeaponsAcquired ns improved versions von three tools from Varga.All searches completedCompleted every side quests and errands an the Frozen Wilds.All activities completedCompleted the Tallneck, Bandit Camp und Hunting Ground bei the Cut.First Spear ModificationApplied a modification kommen sie your spear.5 Dismount StrikesKilled 5 adversaries using ns Dismount to win skill.5 an equipment Types RepairedUsed the Machine repair or mount Repair skill on 5 various types von machine.Killed 15 ScorchersKilled 15 Scorcher machines.Killed 10 FrostclawsKilled 10 Frostclaw machines.Killed 6 FireclawsKilled 6 Fireclaw machines.All regulate Towers disabledDisabled all regulate Towers by overriding or destroying them.All colours foundFound all des the Pigments an the Cut.All animal Figurines foundFound all of the animal Figurines bei the Cut.First Bluegleam TradeTraded Bluegleam weil das a unique weapon or outfit.All Frozen Wilds SkillsLearned all of the neu skills an the Frozen Wilds.Reached Level 60Reached player level 60.