Hotel Akamanthea Holiday Village Cyprus

Type: Tourist town | Rating: class A | Rooms: 172 ns Akamanthea holiday Village is situated bei one von the most beautiful areas an Cyprus; near romantic sites, close zu where Aphrodite, goddess of love und beauty, used kommen sie meet her beloved Adonis.Polis Chrysochous and Latchi are located on ns north-western coast des Cyprus. Ns whole Polis area has actually been beautifully blessed von nature and combines die beauty von mountain, sea und plain. It’s seas a deep blue on cool summer nights. Life in Polis ausblüten rolls along at a quiet tempo without too many crowds or noise.The Akamas Peninsula, through its famous Baths von Aphrodite, zu sein a natur reserve von exceptional herbal beauty and supports a large diversity of life including countless vulnerable species, some des which space endemic.The area is especially suited zu people v special interests who enjoy activities when on holiday. Ns favourite spot des discerning visitors, wishing kommen sie escape die stress und routine of täglich life, searching for calm and rest, in bei enviroment of unparalleled beauty.

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+357 26 323 500

Akamanthea street (ex Venetiotissa Street), Latchi, Paphos,TT 8832, Cyprus

NEAREST AIRPORT PFO - Paphos international Airport
FOOD & DRINKS restaurant & bar
INTERNET totally free WiFi


The typical Studio Apartment have an open setup design, perfect zum a couple or a klein family des up zu 3 people. They oase a twin bed or pair beds to add the option to convert the sofa into a single bed. This type des accommodation is approximately 30 sq. Meters bei size, excluding the balcony area.


A comfortable offen plan design that sleeps up to 3 people, designed v a double bed or pair beds to add the auswahl to convert ns sofa an to a single bed. Suitable for both a couple und a young family. This type von accommodation ist approximately 30 – 30 sq. Meters an size, excluding ns balcony area.

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Perfect weil das young households or couples looking weil das space, 1-Bedroom Apartments can accommodate up kommen sie 4 people. The bedroom has actually a double bed or twin beds und a separate living area with the möglichkeit to convert ns sofa bei to a single bed and/or bei extra fold away camp bed. This type von accommodation ist approximately 45 sq.meters an size, excluding die balcony area.


The premium One Bedroom Apartments sell a large bedroom v a double bed or pair beds and a separate living area through the auswahl to convert die sofa an to a single bed . Perfect for a family des up kommen sie 4 human being offering privacy zum the adults, to add space weil das family fun. This type of accommodation provides freundin with the space you need und great comfort, it is approximately 45 sq. Meters bei size, excluding ns balcony area.



Stepping up an size zum a big family or a group of friends looking zu share their holiday experience, our traditional 2-Bedroom Apartments sell a big space with two different bedrooms, plus a different living area. This type von accommodation sleeps up zu 6 people and it ist approximately 60 sq.meters an size, excluding the balcony area.

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For can be fried space, at approximately 60 sq.meters in size, ns Superior2-Bedroom Apartments room a residence away from home zum the whole family.With two different bedrooms,a different bathroom and separate life area,this type of accommodation provides enough space weil das everybody to be comfortableandcan accommodateup zu 6 world whilst ausblüten providing die comfort sie desire.