Hotel Commodore Elite Suites &Amp; Spa

This fairy tale was a dream bei 2010 und came true in 2012. The place that has actually been sought for peace, tranquility, happiness und satisfaction bei the world is not much more a dream.You nur need to become a part von this reality.

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7 different room categories, 4 types von standard und 3 types von suites, with different types, but without deteriorate on comfort, room created in order to provide freundin with a full range des home lull services. Specifically loved über couples on your honeymoon a relaxed setting awaits you, where freundin leave behind all her stress und fatigue.

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In enhancement to the most modern touches and presentations des the most popular flavors von the world"s taste cuisines (Turkish, Italian, Mexican and Far Eastern), you möchte enjoy i can not forget moments with delectable drinks that you tun können choose from the rich menu des the bar, accompanied von the Mediterranean breeze native sunrise zu sunset.

Sunrise (Buffet)

You will schutz a breakfast und lunch experience in addition kommen sie the open buffet understanding freundin are provided to in the all-inclusive system with 2-person tables and quality leistungen accompanied über the pool view.

Sunset (Buffet)

You will have in except dinner experience in addition zu the offen buffet understanding you are provided to an the all-inclusive system with 2-person tables und quality leistungen accompanied through sea view and sunset.

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Safran ( A´la Carte )

Offering distinct fish delicacies from welt cuisines, Safran restaurant welcomes freundin with that mystical layout prepared through stylish details. Enjoy the stylish presentations prepared by master chefs when listening to classical music in a charming atmosphere bei the heart von the Mediterranean that touches art.

mögen ( A´la Carte )

Enjoy in unlimited basic experience with ns distinguished varieties von Italian cuisine. Gusto Restaurant bring you ns most identified flavors von Italian cuisine. Let the best Turkish wines accompany your meal in the restaurant with the Mediterranean breeze through its decoration und stylish details.

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Sweet desires Coffee

A basic added kommen sie life occasionally with a coffee, periodically with a chocolate. Pamper you yourself with ice coffee, die witness of moments, memories and celebrations that leave a mark on life.

elite Bistro

Healthy meals all set with high quality und fresh ingredients specified in the snack menu möchte leave delicious memories zu your holiday. Upstream Bistro You kann sein find many alternatives for Vegan and Vegetarian guests an Elite Bistro, gives a vacation full of flavor at every moment.

Harbour Bar

All freundin need zu sein to sit on die beach und listen to the sound of the waves with delicious cocktails. While ns warm sun des the Mediterranean warms freundin up, invest your day through rich drinks und wonderful seasonings from the buffet menu.

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Piano Bar

Sunset an Side would certainly be different. Reach real peace with ns Mediterranean breeze and Side´s distinct blue.

seafarer Bar

Enjoy upstream privileges an the bar, i beg your pardon offers in unlimited beverage endure from the zuerst light des the morning until the ende of the night.

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romance Night Club

Take all ns tiredness von the day in Romance Night Club through premium drinks und delicious music.