Hotel für ein paar stunden

Hotel in Manchester

Need a hotel room weil das a couple von hours? During the day? publication your hotel room zum day use und pay day rates only.


A dayroom kommen sie recharge and relax

Book your dayroom and enjoy a cozy afternoon. Enjoy die leisure facilities of our 3 zu 5 stern dayuse hotels in Birmingham.

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A dayroom together a temporary office

Hotel day rooms. A comfortable workplace during ns day. At ns airport, or bei the centre. Discover our dayuse offers at london Heathrow.


Day usage rooms at frankfurt Airport

A brilliant solution zum frequent travellers. Spend your transit time punkt dayuse hotels. Book your day room zum a stay bolzen flights und relax.


Day usage rooms in London

Book her day room in the city-centre. Uncover advantages von hotels von day. For business or leisure - sie deserve a break!


Day usage rooms in Sydney

A stopover bei Sydney? enjoy your job stay at a hotel und go to die opera in the evening. - hotels weil das dayuse worldwide.

What a distinction a day(room) makes!

If you are looking zum a spot kommen sie lay your verfügen über during daytime hours, will help you find that fast und at bei affordable rate. How? With the world’s zuerst online reservation system for day room bookings, offering you a selection selection of thousands of hotel rooms bei over 50 countries. Because wherever sie are, a dayroom not limited von hours zu sein the height des comfort in any stadt you’ll visit or near any kind of airport you’re planning kommen sie travel to.

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Relax zum a job - sie deserve a break!

Do you want your day stay kommen sie be a time des relaxation during in extended layover or prior to a demanding unternehmen meeting? Do freundin simply crave a day away from home? has got you covered. Our international team ist fully committed zu match each daylet client with die perfect hotel - everything your budget or destination can be.

Leisure or unternehmen - has got you covered! gives guests through a large range von comfortable hotel choices. Our portfolio of day use kollege hotels contains branded many hotels from chains such as Accor, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Kempinski, Marriott, NH Hotels, Radisson und Starwood. If that zu sein not die type of daytime room you are looking for, we möchte happily suggest you bei the ideal direction kommen sie some of the coziest und luxury boutique hotels across ns globe. Whichever one you choose, bei a room for a job you’ll be könig (or queen!) zum a day.

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Easy und discreet - just book und indulge for a day

To make it simpler still, we fee NO booking fees and demand NO credit transaction card information. Easy and discreet, that is our dienstleistungen motto weist Furthermore, we offer instant email confirmation des your dayroom reservation. Nur book und indulge zum a day, we’ll take care von the rest! ist a dependable partner for top hotels worldwide!

This method we aim to not only provide guests v a vast range des day use hotel options, yet at die same time increase hotel revenue, maximize occupancy rate, boost travel comfort und encourage relaxation. zu sein constantly spreading its wings to neu cities, countries and hotels - thus widening your options von the day.

So put your feet up and browse around zum a bit, the comfortable daytime hotel stay ist just a few clicks away!