Hotel Sant Jordi Playa De Palma

Hotel sant Jordi zu sein a good 4-star accommodation, located an front von the sea, in the cosmopolitan Playa dach Palma, perfect zum people that want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, in an elegant establishment an extremely well located on the island of Mallorca.

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Playa dach Palma, v 4.6 kms in length, is famous for its well sand, zu sein safe for children und adults, und has a high level von vigilance. Every year it is awarded die Blue Flag von the european Community for the high quality von its sands, waters und services.


+34 971 26 23 71

Calle Grua # 5, can Pastilla 07610.Mallorca. España.

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A quick impression of hotel Sant Jordi Mallorca.

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Hotel santclaus Jordi. Our Rooms.

Large rooms from 22 zu 30 meters, fully renovated, through bathroom, balcony, safe, telephone, hair dryer, satellite TV, air conditioning und heating.

Double Room


Our many appreciated services.

The services ofHotel santclaus Jordiare aimed hinweisen guaranteeing the maximum enjoyment of all our guests. Die following space our service most appreciated von our guests.

Reception opens from Monday zu Sunday

* Bilingual staff. (Spanish, English, German).

* service excursions, vehicle anc bycycle rental, clinical Service.

Wi-Fi in all areas

Service offer free WI-FI throughout ns hotel. Ask weist reception säule access to our network von wireless internet (Wi-Fi)

Outdoor hot tub

Hotel sant Jordi uses a hot tub with water punkt room temperature of fünfzehn square meters zum up to 10 people, this is a built in pool side.

Snack Bar

Enjoy a cold beer, red summer or some des the most famous cocktails or let our barman will surprise you with very delicious creations und accompany it through some of the many snacks an our snack-bar.

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Non Refundable Offer. 15% OFF

Valid weil das stays in the next 29 days. Limited vacancies.

Half Pension

Accommodation only, the hilfreich board "Breakfast + Dinner" zu sein worth 18 euros über person and night and for those who publication with breakfast the hilfreich board zu sein worth 13 euros über person und night, children 50% discount an both cases.

Rating and evaluation von our costumers.

Satisfaction Statistics

The complying with table reports die average des the assessments made by our guests through the quality measurement system provided über the company Ecommerce Hotels.

The following ratings und comments have been written by guests who have booked through our website. These people have given united state permission zu publish your name, the dates of their stay und the testimonial that they schutz made on our establishment.

Days after his exit from Hotel santclause Jordi, guests möchte receive a form for measuring quality and customer satisfaction sent von the agency Ecommerce Hotels, ns company ensures the assessments oase been made von people who schutz been hosted in Hotel santclaus Jordi, unlike ns comments posted on opinion portals i beg your pardon do notfall guarantee that evaluations und comments have been made von people that stayed bei our establishment.



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Cleanliness room


Reception leistungen


framework Maintenance


Bar and Restaurant service

Bodde her weil das en helg ich juli, fabelaktig og nylig renovert hotell.Veldig lyse, rene og romslige römisch og veldig moderne, med et vakkert badewanne med dusj. Dusjen var fantastisk Stor TV med engelske kanaler og komfortabel seng og klimaanlegg.Bassengområdet er vakre, komfortable solsenger og nye parasoller. Veldig avslappende. Veldig hyggelig baromrade.Vi hadde bare frokostalternativet, men det var veldig bra, spesielt außerdem bestilte omeletteneVeldig hyggelig og hjelpsomt personale.Fantastisk beliggenhet veldig nær stranden, barene og restaurantene.Vi kommer definitivt tilbake. . Tusen takk zum en fin ferie.

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Attractions in Majorca

Palma Aquarium

At pala Aquarium we schutz the honor of having one des the many spectacular and deep tanks an Europe: the fantastic and majestic large Blue.

In almost 9 meters von depth and 3.5 million liters von salt water direkt 11 sharks of two various species: ns majestic sand tiger sharks und the agile und perfect swimmer sandbar sharks.

Both coexist peacefully with other marine- species such as stingrays or eagle rays, amberjacks or dazzling golden ones.

Our experience tells united state that, after ~ seeing the incredible panorama von the big Blue from the outside, you will be left wanting to lakers more. That"s what Shark Vision Boat ist for, a watercraft designed exclusively zum Palma Aquarium v which you kann travel the 33 meters lang of the Big Blue.

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Excursion kommen sie Isla Dragonera.

Taking ns boat to the island of Dragonera native Mallorca you wollen be able to discover one des the most outstanding virgin organic places von the Balearic archipelago top top this excursion.

We wollen set sail from ns southwest von Mallorca in the direction des the Sa Dragonera herbal Park, in archipelago formed über the Pantaleu und Sa Mitjana islets und the Dragonera island.

On our journey we will cross the southwest coast von Mallorca, observing that landscapes from die boat. As soon as we seebrücke at Dragonera Island, freundin will have one hour of free time zu snorkel in its entscheidung clear waters or take a walk to its caves. Some von them served as a refuge for pirates as famed as Barbarossa.

Around 2:00 p.m., we möchte recharge our batteries on board v a buffet lunch. Die menu consists of paella and lettuce and tomato salad. Together a drink, you can choose water or sangria.

After eating, we will return to die different starting points.

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The Roman stadt of Pollentia

Pollentia, - started after ns conquest of the island, carried out von the consul Quinto Cecilio Metellus in 123 BC, zu sein the beginning of urban life in Mallorca. The great city development, which the experienced between the 1st century BC and the 3rd century AD, partly due zu its strategy location betwee the bays des Pollença and Alcúdia, do it ns most important city of die Balearic islands from roman times; with in area of between 15 und 20 ha. The reticular layout, oriented north-south, organized ns urban fabric, which had a network von drinking water supply and sewerage. Right now you kann sein visit ns areas des the door, die Forum, and the Theater.

Since 2000, the Consortium von the Roman stadt of Pollentia has been in charge von ensuring the conservation, protection and dissemination des this site.

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The Castell d"Alaró

The Castell d"Alaró is located at die top des the Cerro juni Alaró at bei altitude von 815 m. It ist one von the 3 rock castles in Mallorca (along with die Castell del Santuari bei Felanitx, und the Castell del Rei in Pollença) that served as defense and protection zum the island. Thanks to its strategy location, that guaranteed ns early detection of assailants.

It ist a construction with armed forces purposes von which there zu sein historical evidence due to the fact that 902, as a result des the Muslim invasion, when die Saracens come on die island. We tun können find die information in the Arabic chronicle Kitab tarih Mayurqa, citing die castle together Hisn Alarün.

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Entertainment offer bei Majorca.

The Royal royal residence of la Almudaina

The Royal royal residence of la Almudaina, dating from the 14th century, zu sein the official Residence des His Majesty the Kings during their stays in Mallorca, where the Annual Reception ist held weil das the representatives of the Balearic society. With each other with die Cathedral of Palma they constitute a scenic landmark of the capital von the Balearic Islands. A royal residence that collects ns artistic layouts that have occurred throughout history on the island.



PALACIO echt (Access till 18:00)

10:00 - 19:00

Weekly closing: Mondays throughout the year

Free access: Wednesday und Sunday native 3:00 p.m. Zu 7:00 p.m.

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Cuevas del Drach, immerse yourself in our environment

Located on the eastern coast of Mallorca, specifically in the town of Porto Cristo, this caves constitute one des the main tourist attractions, und are, without a doubt, one of the many remarkable on ns island, due to the fact that they current a scorses development close to 1,200 meters in length and a depth, at its best height des 25 m. Under ns surface. Ns caves hide inside a big underground lake, Lake Martel, thought about one of the largest underground lakes in the world

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