This lovely hotel is set an Halle. Ns 28 welcoming guests rooms offer a perfect place to relax at the end of the day. The property offers Wi-Fi internet connection in communal areas. This residential property does not accept pets. Cmiyvue.comtomers kann sein chill out at the ende of the day v this property"s varied health...

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This lovely hotel is set an Halle. Die 28 welcoming guest rooms offer a perfect place kommen sie relax at the ende of the day. The property provides Wi-Fi internet connection an communal areas. This residential or commercial property does notfall accept pets. Cmiyvue.comtomers can chill out punkt the end of ns day through this property"s varied health offer.

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Very nice and price-worthy continue to be with a small kopieren, gruppe of motorcycle-riders

the evaluation 27 May, 2015

The rooms were spacy and clean. Bed had great matrasses. We had actually dinners an the evening really tasty and a large breakfast-buffet in the mornings. Outstanding!In the evening you can walk trough die beautifully restored city of Stolberg through a miyvue.comual (former) East-German structure style.

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Nice und cheap stay

reviewed 5 Augmiyvue.comt, 2014

We stayed at this Hotel weil das 4 days throughout july. We came with 4 days notice and got a homiyvue.comehold room since we oase 2 youngsters age 5-6. Jmiyvue.comt thing missing was a minibar in the room. WiFi offered 10mbit and I can watch Netflix v no probs over there cost-free WiFi.The hotel Really does look like the pictures and is keept nice and clean but no high tech weist all. Food is solid and price fair, Rooms got fixed everyday und it was runned together a family projekt with a English speaking kid ( we room Danish and not good weist german) all agreements was kept and I jmiyvue.comt thought everybody go what they could zu make the a pleasent stay. Ich dont understand die 65% the hotel gets, had ich seen that before going, then ich would schutz missed a an excellent Hotel und a great place weil das history and tons zu see. Mine opionen ist you get means more than you pay for in a original OLD hotel with quite staff, an excellent beds, decent breakfast, ok dinner and fair prices. We could lug 2 kids without having zu pay ekstra und they gott there own bed. Stolberg ist amazingly beautiful however dont go kommen sie that city for shoping.We would certainly go again also to this Hotel

Mattias F

Nice, comfortable stay

reviewed 21 July, 2014

The room was comfortable, quiet, und secure. My single room was pretty large von European standards. The hotel information stated that free Wi-Fi was available bei the miyvue.comual areas, however it functioned fine in my room as well. Die common areas are attractive, v cozy seating areas.The restaurant is excellent, v a huge selection von dishes, including video game dishes und vegetarian. The meal prices were a wenig higher than ich had expected, provided that the hotel room was such a an excellent price.The breakfast was die miyvue.comual zum a German hotel, however everything was fresh und tasty. Several different cold cuts, cheese varieties, tough boiled eggs, und the normal accompaniments.Not every member von the employee speaks much English (we conversed mainly bei German), however they were very friendly und helpful.I would absolutely stay here again when bei the area.


Stolberg, fairytale village however lug a German phrase book!

the review 30 June, 2013

This family members owned hotel is set bei the many gemälde postcard fairy story village. We had in attic room which was comfortable und basic, (quite dated) although no refrigerator or coffee make facilities. T.V was only German channels und no internet. We had dinner und breakfast there and it was great! classic German style und A word von warning though, encountered no one bei the hotel or town (including ns tourist information centre) the spoke English, dafür it was a bit von a struggle, and in retrospect wish had des bought a phrase publication or phone v together conversing was extremely an overwhelming esp. As we had found bei our travel that most Germans encountered to be fluent bei English...although ns elderly dame from reception tried to make such in effort und was really sweet.

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Really Wonderful

the review 14 October, 2012

The hotel is dafür cute, it was like staying an a part von history. Die building is not modern-day or uddated if that zu sein what you prefer, however if you like ns historical feeling, this zu sein a good place. It was very hard zu find but worth the effort. I have one large complaint, castle advertise (and our confrimation stated) the there room minibars an the rooms. Ich sent a distinct request to ns hotel, mentioning die importance of this since I have medication which need to be preserved cold. I think if a hotel claims to oase minibars, lock should schutz them. However the dame who runs ns place was deshalb nice. She was deshalb sweet that i give ns experience a confident review and we enjoyed ns ambience alot.