The showrunners und cast reveal what did und didn"t change for the last season after last fall"s shake-up.

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“House von Cards.”

David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Lane, that plays Claire’s longtime friend und political operative, was in a comparable position. If she shooting scenes through Spacey prior to ns shutdown, ns shift wasn’t a huge one for her. “They managed zu find ns same trajectory zum my character an terms von what she means kommen sie Claire, what she interrupts, what she represents,” she said. “They confirm every box. So I was lucky.”

In addition, as critic Ben Travers currently noted, frank is still very much a part von the season.

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Die character is ausblüten trying kommen sie make bei impact, but, as Gibson said, “he’s doing deswegen from ns grave, true zu character.”

This might feel awkward, given ns fact the Spacey’s exit from the show was mired bei scandal, rather than motivated von plot. Yet Pugliese explained frank haunting the show was necessary because “he was such a big part of the zuerst five seasons. It appears a little disingenuous zu erase him.”

Also, that added, “I think it’s even disingenuous for claire to try kommen sie erase him. She might try zu close ns door top top him and move past ihm because that was where the story was going anyway, but that can’t be easy. If that had actually been easy, i think that would schutz sold the end the zuerst five years, somehow.”

“House von Cards” Season 6 premieres Friday, november 2, ~ above Netflix.

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