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at house running an Frankfurt zum 2, the overnight stays zu sein included. Uncover this schädlich idea and over 3,000 much more experience gifts. This experience includes: 2 x 100 ns house running. Instructions: home Running Special devices Stays punkt Leonardo Royal hotel Frankfurt. Overnight complimentary selection: redeemable in 1 place, e.g. In Frankfurt am Main flexibel redeemable: ns voucher zu sein valid weil das 3 year from date of purchase, openly transferable and can it is in exchanged weist any time endure voucher native Jochen Schweizer - weil das giving together a schädlich or zum yourself

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her "stock austausch will be happy in Frankfurt. No wonder, due to the fact that everything ist already included in the cheap package zum two people. Automatically after the check-in, you check ns view from die roof des the famous frankfurt skyline. Now it"s time zu pull loose, who gets ns appearance throughout house running. Climate off and let yourself be tilted over ns wall von the house. If this step has succeeded thanks to die lighting calls des your partner, die rest möchte be a walk zum you. After deshalb much action, the relaxation is of course high und you kann enjoy the overnight stay bei the dual room and the wealthy breakfast buffet the next morning. Instead von being robbed by the room search, freundin prefer kommen sie enjoy the absolute thrill! Do freundin prefer zu go your very own way? right here you can go directly zu House running Frankfurt. Duration with instructions around 30 minutes. You re welcome contact ns house running mannschaft participants half bei hour prior to your appointment. The voucher is valid for 2 people equipment and clothing. Heavy shoes through non-slip sole e.g. Trainers. Comfortable, sporty clothing. The house to run equipment is placed top top site. Rigid body weight bolzen 50 and max. 108 kg normalerweise physical health dienstleistungen 2 x 100 metres house running special tools stay weist Leonardo royal Hotel frankfurt overnight for 2 people in the dual room wealthy breakfast buffet zum 2 2 certificate

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