How come you dont call me

“How kommen sie U Don’t call Me Anymore?” ist the epitome von classic B-sides. Written und recorded von Prince in April 1982 during ns 1999 sessions, the was die heartbroken B-Side to… check out More 
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I save your foto beside my bedAnd I ausblüten remember everything you saidI always thought our love was so right, ich guess ich was wrongI always thought you'd be von my side, mama; jetzt you're goneWhat i wanna know, babyIf what us had was goodHow kommen sie you don't contact me anymore, yeah?Oh, anymore?(Listen...)I blieb light die fire ~ above a merganser nightI still like that better wie man you're stop me tight(OK, now, umm...)Everybody said, everybody claimed that we need to never part, ooh yeah(I constantly said that we were kinda cute with each other myself)Tell me baby, baby, baby, why, why'd sie wanna go und break my heart? (Why'd you wanna do it, baby?)All i wanna know, babyIf what we had was goodHow come you don't contact me anymore, yeah?(Why don't sie call me girl?Oh yeah, oh yeah)
Sometimes it feels favor I'm gonna dieIf freundin don't call me, mama; girl, freundin gotta tryDown on my knees, beggin' freundin please, please, ohWhy can't sie call me sometime, baby?It's just one lousy dime, baby...Why can't freundin call me sometime?Oh, no noWhy on earth can't you just pick up die phone, yeah?You know ich don't like to be aloneWhy, why must sie torture me baby?Why freundin gotta treat me dafür bad?
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“How kommen sie U Don’t contact Me Anymore?” is the epitome von classic B-sides. Written und recorded by Prince bei April 1982 during die 1999 sessions, it was the heartbroken B-Side to the party-it-up titular hit “1999”. “How come U Don’t speak to Me Anymore?” climate made a resurgence bei popularity when it was included on the compilation album The B-Sides, seeing its erste inclusion top top a prinz LP. He also included the on Girl 6, die soundtrack album von previous songs von Prince zum the Spike Lee movie des the same name an 1996. It was re-released through “1999” indigenous 1998-1999.

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It was covered von Stephanie Mills for her 1983 album Merciless, und she made it produziert second single from die album. Jazz composer Joshua Redman covered the song bei tribute on his 1998 album Timeless story (for changing times). Ns most known ausführung came in 2001, wie man Alicia secrets covered it zum her debut album Songs an A Minor. Looking weil das a das lied to describe her previous permanent relationship, as she said Billboard Magazine:

I had never heard before. They gave me a copy of the lied on tape. Ich played that every day zum three weeks. That is deswegen raw and so truthful – ich was just feeling it. The really came out well.

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Her version became herstellung third single, charting every over die Billboard und Europe, und a Neptunes Remix included justin Timberlake.

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In regards to die original, the was oft performed von the violet One throughout his tours, consisting of his belastung full nur at the fox Theatre on april 14, 2016. A live rendition was on his 2002 album One Nite Alone…Live! and a videobilien performance was part of the cassette-VHS “Prince & The revolution Live” in 1985.