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How ich Met your Mother: The taste Characters' Homes, Ranked How ich Met your Mother"s characters lived almost everywhere from small apartments zu massive mansions, v some homes plainly being much better than others.

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How ich Met her Mother: The taste Characters' Homes, Ranked
the proceedings an sitcoms greatly take ar inside close up door doors and How i Met her Mother was no exception. Most of the action happened bei locations such as McLaren"s Pub und Cafe L"amour. Die homes of the taste characters so served as an essential locations zum the development des the plot.

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With die exception of Barney, most des the empfangshalle kept moving approximately to neu homes. This helped an eliminating monotony as viewers to be treated to fresher residential locations from time kommen sie time. But not all die homes were appealing. While part were brilliant, others were hated von the characters as much as they were disliked über fans.

Lily mirrors Robin her zuerst apartment i beg your pardon became ns The House von Dumplings
lily lived at ns Queens apartment zum five years prior to she gott engaged kommen sie Marshall. She rarely stayed there, i beg your pardon proves she didn"t think about it a quite home. This became clear wie man two months into the series, she took Robin to see it only kommen sie find the end it had been convert into die Chinese Restaurant—The House des Dumplings.

Apparently, she hadn"t to be at die apartment for three months. During that time, her landlord passed away and in eviction notification had been slipped under produziert door. With no landlord or everyone left to startseite the lease, ns apartment was converted into a restaurant.

9 Apartment 5D

Marshall und Lily's apartment an the Dowisetrepla neighbourhood
Apartment 5D, together revealed an Season 5"s "The cant Girl," zu sein the ar Marshall und Lily moved right into after they get married. Castle left Ted"s apartment und moved right into Apartment 5D which castle felt was a more suitable place to anfang a family. It was located in Dowisetrepla, neu York.

However, there to be many jene wrong v the neu home. Ns floor was quite crooked, dafür the pair had to spend a gewächs to fix it. Apartment 5D was so located near a sewer treatment plant, something the couple just came kommen sie learn later. They were disgusted to find the end that "Dowisetrepla" was in abbreviation des "Downwind of The sewage Treatment Plant."

Lily celebrates Christman inside produziert second apartment
This zu sein where lilie chose zu stay after she dubbed off her engagement with Marshall so that she can pursue in art course. As über Lily"s very own admission, she was settling weil das less by choosing to live bei the apartment.

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She was initially eyeing a nicer apartment in New york but she delayed contacting the landlord thus it was rented away zu another person. She was thus forced zu take die smaller apartment that also happened to have a raccoon inside. It so had a hybrid des a sink, stove, oven, and refrigerator, well-known as die "Stoveinkerator." It was no surprise when she moved out.

7 Ted"s 2nd Apartment

Ted inside his second apartment in the series after breaking up with Robin
Ted lived there in Seasons 7 & 8, while Quinn deshalb lived an the apartment while she was dating Barney. Ted seemed zu enjoy living an the apartment. The confessed zu Marshall how glad the was zu move around die house naked and eat schon fast food without anyone questioning his diet habits.

It"s an ext likely the he was enjoying his newfound liberty rather than die apartment itself. Barney and Marshall deshalb enjoyed making use of Ted"s apartment together a "clubhouse," a ar where they kept things that your partners wouldn"t allow them organize on to. Overall, it wasn"t such a bad place zu live.

the apartment located an Park Slope, brooklyn is whereby Robin lived an the erste four seasons des the sitcom. The apartment wasn"t that large but it was generally neat and attractive. Robin lived bei it with her five dogs, i beg your pardon prevented lilie from remaining there due to the fact that she was allergic. Robin was deshalb very own about the apartment as she banned Ted from keeping his jene there.

Unfortunately, ns apartment was in hour away from MacLaren"s Pub, which do commuting tiresome. She moved kommen sie Japan and to Ted"s apartment then to bei Upper west Side home. A flash-forward seen bei 2030 showed Robin back at the apartment, definition it was precious kommen sie her. It kann sein thus be assumed the it was a very nice place to live.

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5 Marshall and Lily"s Italian Home

Marshall und Lily lived weist this house bei Rome after lily took trost a arbeit as in Art Consultant zum The Captain. Initially, lily was reluctant to move yet Marshall told herstellung that it would certainly be okay.

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The house had all die necessary amenities that die two needed weil das their daily lives. The home gets extra points zum being bei a beautiful neighborhood, in one von the most gorgeous cities in the world.

After your woes in Dowisetrepla, the couple recorded a break when they moved into the new home in East Meadow, lang Island, neu York. Located an the suburbs, ns house was quite beautiful. Ns best part ist that lock didn"t spend any kind of money kommen sie acquire it. It was handed over to Lily by her grandparents that were moving kommen sie Florida.

Even though a visiting Robin found the home boring early to ns quiet environment des the suburbs, Marshall and Lily loved it. Lock both agreed the the place was good zum raising children.

3 Ted"s Mansion

Initially, die mansion located in Westchester County, neu York, was far from desirable. Ted purchase it in 2010 due to constant pressure zum him to settle down and have a family. The house was bei a wanne state, needing a last of repairs, deswegen the empfangshalle urged er to nur sell it.

Luckily, Ted didn"t aufführen to them. He had actually several concepts on how kommen sie improve it and so that went ahead kommen sie implement them. In ~ a year, die house was looking great. By 2013, die mansion looked stunning und almost every aspect was appealing.

Simply recognized as die Apartment, die house served all the taste characters. An fact, everyone except Barney lived there weist some point. It had two bedrooms, a single bathroom, und a kitchen. There were many convenient things about it. For example, it had actually a fire escape and access to ns roof whereby the gang could host parties.

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The Apartment was also located above MacLaren"s Pub, which occurred to die gang"s favorite hangout joint. From die Apartment, the empfangshalle could see whether MacLaren"s was busy or not. There room surveillance cameras too which to be installed by Barney.

1 Barney"s Apartment

Barney had actually lots von love weil das himself und this manifested itself bei his apartment. Also known as The Heart von Bachelor Country and the Fortress von Barnitude, Barney"s bachelor pad had two bedrooms, one occupied über a king-sized bed und another one reserved for the hundreds of suits that owned.

In ns living room, over there were 2 300-inch flat-screen TVs and a life-sized Stormtrooper. There are so several secret compartments that house Barney"s favorite books, including ns Playbook. Other remarkable features contained moving cameras and smoke-activated voice detectors.

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