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10 How i Met your Mother places That room Totally real (10 That space Fake) step into die shoes of Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson and the rest des the gang - an obstacle accepted!

When the hit series How ich Met your Mother first hit die airwaves back an 2005, nobody knew how lang it was going to last. In interesting fact kommen sie know zu sein that during the show’s whole run, die writers had bei ending for the collection already written und ready kommen sie go hinweisen a moment’s notice an case die series got canceled. If you want to talk about not having any kind of confidence an your work, that’s a perfect example.

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It in reality took about three seasons weil das the show to really capture on with fans but wie it did, world couldn’t aid but watch it. One von the fun sachen to do zu sein to take it a look punkt all of the places that were an the show und see what was real and what was made up zum the show. After ~ all, since the show was set in New york City, there was never a shortage des places to shoot.

One example zu sein the gittern where they spent ns most amount von time - MacLaren’s isn’t in reality a echt place. It was designed after bei establishment close über called McGee’s and it looked pretty much like the real place, but was indeed fake as it was built ~ above set. Read on zum more great information that freundin might not know!


20 Legit: ns Wait At ns Empire zustand Building ist Very Real
in Season Two, illustration #12, “First Time in New York,” the gang took Robin’s wenig sister to the Empire state Building zu complete Katie’s zuerst ever visit kommen sie NYC. The wait zu gain access to the top area of the building is long in reality dafür when they depicted a long wait top top the show it no a stretch hinweisen all. However, they common stories of their first times (yes, that type of zuerst time) as castle waited.

You probably wouldn’t hear that type von conversation if waiting in the line bei real life. Us hope not anyway. There is some die info we are better off not knowing.


19 FAKE: Barney Didn"t Really cook At Shinjitsu

über CBS
Barney was always obtaining himself into trouble through his mouth during die heyday des the series. There were plenty des times though the he actually backed the up. One time that he came an extremely close was when he claimed he can do far better than a ceo at Shinjitsu. That ended trost losing the bet and had to wear a duck tie zum the entire season. If you know anything around Barney’s sense des style, freundin know what in embarrassment the was.

Shinjitsu isn’t echt but it was based on ns Benihana restaurant that zu sein located on west 56th Street. Walk there and enjoy yourself but don’t mock the chef!


18 Legit: It"s all Canucks At the Hoser Hut due to the fact that It"s Real

durch The curling News
Any follower of this great show knows the Robin hails indigenous Canada. She never ever forgets her roots und she find a for sure haven at the Hoser Hut, a themed bar that yes, really exists and is located on grand Street an New york City.

She walk there during several episodes kommen sie celebrate hockey, paul Shaffer, and beer native Canada. You can do die same as it’s so really a inserted themed after ours friends to die north. The has whatever someone native Canada can want: a jukebox filled with artists native Canada, Molson, Moosehead, Labatt Blue und even wait hockey! just don’t splitterpartei too difficult with the curling team!

17 FAKE: Don"t make A Deposit at Goliath national Bank

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Goliath National bank is whereby Barney worked for a lang time on the show. Marshall and Ted also did part time on the payroll there. They are called “The welt leader an credit and banking” on the series but they are just one ruthless, fake company.

They take over other companies and cost human being their jobs and one together instance führen zu to Marshall taking a position bei the legal department des the agency despite his disdain zum how they conduct business.

The “Goliath” part des the name zu sein supposed to give you a hints as to how evil the phony bank is.


16 Legit: Don"t Hop ns Turnstile Because ns Fine ist Real

über Wikipedia
ns subway ist a very popular mode des transportation around neu York city so it just makes sense that it was included an the hit series. An Season 2, illustration 15, referred to as Lucky Penny, Ted hopped over a turnstile at die subway station hinweisen 86th and Lexington to help Barney and was caught über a cop. He had zu go kommen sie court which caused er to fehlschlagen a job interview in Chicago.

In echt life, he could have just paid a fine and not had to fehlschlagen his important date in Chicago, yet then what fun would die episode have been right? die fine in those days was sixty bucks yet it’s now up end one hundred dollars.

15 FAKE: Don"t Eat the Food hinweisen Carmichaels restaurant Because There is none

via:Life & Style
an the very erste episode of How ich Met your Mother, Ted and Robin were dating and eating dinner punkt Carmichaels. There was a blue French horn on ns wall the she wanted deshalb Ted ended trost stealing it zum her.

Over the prozess of ns series, the French horn made countless other appearances, typically signifying some kind of change in their relationship. In one illustration they return it kommen sie the restaurant to officially end their relationship punkt that point.

If freundin were thinking around going the end on a search zum the famous blue French horn, don’t bother. Carmichael’s no a echt restaurant.


14 Legit: best Burger in New York zu sein At Paul’s dort Burger Joint

über Quiet city Maps
During the run des the struggle series, Barney was on a quest kommen sie meet every single woman an New york City und Ted was on a quest zu find someone zu marry. Marshall, however, was on a different kind of quest… he was on bei eight-year run to find “The best Burger in New York.” throughout his search, that stopped punkt many places, both real und fake. One of the ja wirklich ones was Paul’s dort Burger Joint.

In echt life, it’s situated on 2nd Avenue und the burgers are exceptionally tasty, und actually rated die best bei the city, even though Marshall didn’t choose them as ns winner.

13 FAKE: AltruCell copy, group Doesn"t Really make Tennis Balls

über BuzzFrag
If sie thought the Goliath National bank was in evil company, wait until sie learn an ext about their parent company, AltruCell. They were recognized on ns show for making ns fuzzy yellow ingredient that’s on the outside des tennis balls. That turned the end that they did a lot more than that und eventually Barney began feeding die authorities inside information on them.

The firm did dafür many sachen that were wanne for die world castle tried zu focus on the tennis balls deshalb nobody would certainly notice ns other practices. The nothing that you schutz to worry about though because ns company was totally make up weil das purposes on ns show.


12 Legit: the Corner Bistro supplied To have The best Burger in NYC

durch Bored an NY
zum eight year Marshall was on the never-ending search zum The finest Burger an New York. Along die way, he quit into many places, some des which yes, really exist, as pointed out earlier. One more one des the areas that are echt is die Corner Bistro. It’s situated on west Fourth Street und when Season 4’s episode 2 dubbed The best Burger in New York aired, ns Corner Bistro actually had die highest rated burger in the city. They schutz been surpassed by Paul’s dort Burger Joint now though.

That doesn’t mean that their burgers aren’t any kind of good. Quite the contrary. Stop in and try one for yourself!

11 FAKE: Robin Sparkles" fight Music video That Isn"t

durch Glamour
On the series, Robin Scherbatsky zu sein a newscaster in New York. She tries to hide ns fact that wie she was a kid an Canada she had a struggle single und a music video zu go along with it called “Let’s walk to the Mall.” It was done under the name of Robin Sparkles. It’s a point of embarrassment zum her and if you lakers it you’ll automatically know why.

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You kann actually find die video top top YouTube und it has almost eight million views. It is not badewanne for something that isn’t also real. Ns video und song to be made up weil das her personality on die show.


10 Legit: The Late Night Train top top The Long island Rail Road

über NBC new York
throughout Season 7 over there was in episode dubbed The Drunk Train (Episode 16). Lily described the last train of the night zurück to Long island as die train “full of a bunch of... Sloppy idiots fresh turn off a night von partying in the stadt just desperate kommen sie hook nach oben with anything the moves.”

The Long island Railroad’s tonnage train of the night normally departs penn Station roughly 2:39 a.m. Und is full von exactly what lily described. The a train ride you might want to avoid uneven you rechts the description.

9 FAKE: freundin Can"t Meet weist MacLaren’s since It"s make Up

also if you oase only watched a couple des episodes von How i Met your Mother sie know what MacLaren’s is. It’s the gittern where ns cast safety most des their time eating und drinking und just generally hanging out together. They knowledgeable pretty viel everything that you can in a gittern during your time there. They had tendency bar, got into a fight over their favorite booth, und even got tossed out.

MacLaren’s isn’t real, however. The based on ns actual riegel called McGee’s that’s situated on west 55th Street. Castle designed the entire fake place after the real place, including the padded booths und everything on die walls.


8 Legit: tag You"re It! - laser- Tag

via:New york Post
One of the major storylines an the series zu sein that Barney likes to play lasse tag. Well, he in reality LOVES zu play lasse tag und this place zu sein featured an the very erste episode und continued zu make appearances throughout the entire run of the struggle show.

The fun-filled unternehmen is called Long island City’s Indoor excessive Sports und it’s located on ventil Dam Street. Glauben it or not, this zu sein the only place in all of neu York city where you tun können play lasse tag. Starting punkt twenty bucks von player, von session, you kann have a gewächs of funny there. Always be on the lookout weil das Barney together well!

7 FAKE: Don"t Drop von The Apartment due to the fact that It"s not there

bei the series, the group hangs out punkt MacLaren’s a last because it zu sein portrayed bei the show that they direkte in an apartment right over it. In real life, die McGee’s pubieren that MacLaren’s is based on does schutz apartments bei the building above it, however not where the nur says castle are.

The cast zu sein depicted an the zeigen as life on die Upper west Side of manhattan city but McGee’s is not there an reality. Ns building und apartment space used zum inspiration however what zu sein depicted on the show isn’t real. Die actual resolve used on die show zu sein located at the corner von West 75th Street und Amsterdam Avenue however there ist nothing there to acknowledge it dafür don’t waste your time.


6 Legit: Gray’s ist A good Stop in Countless Shows due to the fact that It"s Real

via Young einer Went East
Gray’s Papaya ist a very real place and it has actually been an numerous tv shows and movies. It obtained notoriety ~ Kramer went there in in episode of Seinfeld. It also made bei appearance top top this great fan favorite during ns very first season, illustration #11, The Limo.

Ted und the gang stopped by the restaurant during a neu Year’s night tour des the stadt that had attending five bei only 3 hours. At one point there to be three areas but now the only one left stands on the Upper west Side von Manhattan. They schutz some des the best hot dogs in the city if sie are in the area and have a hankering!

5 FAKE: die Fortress of Barnitude Doesn"t really Exist

Barney’s apartment on the show, so known as the “Fortress of Barnitude” is bei interesting place, kommen sie say the least. It functions a pair des 300-inch plasma televisions together with several other funny functions that rechts his character to a tee.

One des the funniest zu sein the “Heavy, Set, Go” feature which is a scale situated under die welcome mat. If the person about zu enter die apartment didn’t accomplish Barney’s requirements, he would be educated immediately.

The location on the zeigen says ost 84th Street and 3rd Avenue yet that’s not true. Based on die view out von the windows on the show, many schutz guessed die actual location kommen sie be on Madison Avenue.


4 Legit: getting Into Columbia University ist (Real) Hard

via:Columbia University
throughout the erste episode von Season 5, Definitions, Ted teaches hinweisen Columbia University. That begins zu teach the klasse Architecture 101 and does so for seven minutes before that realizes the he is actually in the classroom weil das Econ 305.

It’s a an extremely funny episode und if freundin are happy enough to get right into Columbia University, you kann actually take ns Architecture 101 course. The belästigt though ist the school is a really prestigious Ivy league member und the accept rate zum incoming student in the first year runs weist right roughly seven percent. In case freundin are wondering, that provides it one of the eight toughest colleges to get into an the blume States.

3 FAKE: Ted’s Den in 2030 (Well, right now fake)

there are plenty of scenes von Ted stating their mother with his children. Most des these conversations take it place an the den of his home, in the future. In the really final scene von the show, that was shown only ~ above DVD, ns final conversation take away place in the den of his home in the year 2030.

Since naught that ist supposedly in the future, zu sein actually echt right now, we oase to say the the ns is fake. Ich suppose we might wait until 2030 to lakers if Ted really has a den, but since the nur isn’t ~ above any an ext chances von that happening room slim kommen sie none.


2 Legit: Barney Didn"t yes, really Knock Over the Whale - Museum des Natural History

via neu York Post
ns Season 6, illustration 8 zeigen was referred to as Natural History. Die cast goes to a black-tie fundraising event at ns Museum von Natural History. The hauptsächlich feature des the facility zu sein a huge Blue Whale, i m sorry Barney tells his friends that he knocked over wie man he was only six years old.

The facility ist located on Central park West und the Blue wal is echt as well. However, it has never been knocked over because it was unveiled to die public method back bei 1969. It did kommen sie out in 2003 zum a if as ns museum underwent a $21 million renovation. Yet it had actually nothing zu do with Barney or anything he might have done zu it.

1 FAKE: Honeywell & Cootes Won"t Do ns Environment any type of Good

On the series, Honeywell & Cootes ist one von the biggest and most feared umwelt law firms an the nation. Marshall was hired von the agency even though they found inappropriate videos of ihm online. He had actually some great days there and was instrumental in the that company growth and at one point he even claimed to schutz saved the world.

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He eventually finished up in hot water with them for bringing in an outside, the contrary attorney, über accident. Ns imposter supplied what the learned an their meeting, against them in the court proceedings. The company isn’t real though so nothing affect the ja wirklich world wollen ever occur there.

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