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How i Met your Mother: 10 things About Barney That would Never fly Today Barney Stinson on How i Met Your mom teetered ns line of acceptable behavior and today, there space a gewächs of sachen about ihm that wouldn"t fly

ns entire ensemble cast des How i Met your Mother was hilarious, becoming the Friends des the beforehand "00s. There was Lily und Marshall, ns perfectly sweet and bei love couple, Robin, the new friend, a strong and independent woman. Und Ted, the einer desperate zu find love.

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And over there was deshalb Barney Stinson, played von Neil patrick Harris, ns suit-wearing, womanizing older guy who befriended die crew und often provided ns comic relief. He was egotistical and materialistic, and cared mainly around being able kommen sie meet and "bang" quite girls.

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There are dafür many reasons that around Barney that would certainly not fliegen today, however here are 10.

Barney stopped hinweisen nothing to get pretty girl he would pick up in any random ar possible. He would certainly cheat, he would certainly lie, the would provide naughty and often unreasonable pick-up lines. The would usage his friends, choose Ted, usage his charm, und promise things.

He was pompous und arrogant und a guy like that would never ever make it an today"s world. He would certainly be slapped, kicked, and reported von numerous frauen before his actions could continue.

Barney had actually some yes, really rude pick-up lines for women, many von which surprisingly in reality worked, und others the could see someone an serious problem today.

He once, for example, outright claimed "come v me if you want kommen sie bang." Seriously? one more time, he simply said "daddy"s home," as if calling self daddy is supposed zu be a turn-on? Yuck!

just overall, the way Barney acted in the direction of women wouldn"t paris today. Not only did that shy away from commitment, however he treated frauen like objects und playthings. He would pick them hoch solely based upon their looks, make no effort to get kommen sie know them, and sleep through them ~ above the zuerst "date."

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He would then never speak to them again, discover a way kommen sie kick them out of his house und move ~ above to the next one. He even devised a Playbook chronicling die ways he made it right into womens" pants.

7 What Set er Off

Barney ultimately tells ns story des why he ist the means he is. He was once bei love v a woman und she left him zum a "businessman." feeling inadequate and heartbroken, Barney collection out zu become the einer that the liebe of his life left him zum (in his eyes, all he knew was that intended working in "business" and wearing a suit and tie).

But he so started to treat frau poorly, the same means he was treated. Today, hopefully, guys oase more to trust than zu feel they need to be like ns buttoned-up businessman bei order zu prove your worth.

It was sweet that ns one woman who Barney retained going zurück to was Robin wie he realized that he was in love with her. But it was totally off-limits and went against any type von Bro Code, i beg your pardon ironically, Barney devised, weil das him to have gotten along with Robin in the zuerst place.

Robin was introduced to the group through Ted"s obsession with her. The dated produziert first, deshalb she should oase been completely off-limits from the get-go.

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5 girlfriend Putting trost With Him

It"s a wonder the Barney"s friend put trost with ihm that lang without in reality recommending that he get serious help zu get end the emotional baggage and unresolved childhood problems he was carrying about that caused er to act the way that did. Particularly Lily, who seemed prefer a quite strong woman who would oase been an ext offended von the things he did.

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In today"s world, ns friends would certainly try and help Barney instead des rolling your eyes and chastising climate forgiving him for doing terrible things.

Barney focused so much on inhaltsstoff items. Und while he truly valued his friends and family, the frivolously invested money on sachen like hidden areas in his apartment (so he can hide from women), to bei oversized Storm Trooper.

And let"s not forget his closet full of freshly pressed and tailored suits, none of which were cheap, as well as Ranjit, his mitarbeiter driver he could call upon any type of time he necessary him. Today, he would be far an ext respected über scaling rückseitig instead of being overly extravagant.

3 die Mystery about His Job

What go Barney do? no one really ever knew. It was eventually revealed the he was working weil das a highly corrupt firm called AltruCell Corporation, but he was actually covertly working for the FBI as bei informant und whistleblower. What his actual position was, however, is still a mystery.

Later, he worked zum GNB where he also helped Ted und Marshall there. Though again, it"s unclear that he in reality does. His job ist jokingly defined as provide Legal Exculpation and Sign whatever (P.L.E.A.S.E.)

in one of his most despicable moves, Barney offered Lily and Marshall"s baby kommen sie pretend the he was interviewing women kommen sie hire a new nanny. Really, he nur wanted a way to meet hot women und ask lock a bunch des questions prior to trying zu get them into bed.

This the cross all lines.

1 His Mother"s Lies

Barney brought a last of trauma with er from his childhood, namely the fact the his father left his mother kommen sie raise him and his half-brother james on herstellung own. And his mother wasn"t specifically forthcoming through Barney around anything.

When she asked er why he and James looked different, she would nur tell a lie or try kommen sie change ns subject kommen sie avoid answering the question. Und when Barney questioned who his dad was, she would certainly say it was bob Barker nur to get ihm to prevent asking. Und she would continue zu lie to ihm about things, like saying that didn"t make the basketball mannschaft because that was too good.

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