How ich Met your Mother: Robin's 5 finest (& 5 Worst) Story Arcs Robin went through a lot over the kurse of How ich Met her Mother, and while part of her stories to be great, some fell completely flat.

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How i Met Your mother Robin’s 5 finest (& 5 Worst) Story Arcs
wie Robin Scherbatsky joined the How ich Met her Mother squad, she changed the gruppe dynamics forever. Ted persuaded himself that he is his soulmate, also though fact begged kommen sie differ. Bei Robin, lily found her new finest girlfriend und Barney uncovered someone for sure enough kommen sie be truly intimate with.

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Robin Scherbatsky is the personality with die most flexible story arcs: the zeigen explored herstellung past, her unique zustand as a foreigner in New york City, und her ambition. Unlike so many other sitcom characters, Robin wasn"t defined von her romantic relationships.

"Sandcastles an the Sand" was one von the ideal episodes des season 3. James Van ns Beek played Simon, Robin"s ex-boyfriend simon who damaged Robin"s heart wie man she was a teenager. When he is back in town, she finds self regressing kommen sie acting choose a teenager around him once again, just to schutz her heart damaged all end again.

This zu sein one von Robin"s ideal story arcs due to the fact that it confirmed us that Robin zu sein not as hard as she desires us zu believe. In this episode, she showed herstellung vulnerability. Also, this zu sein the episode bei which she zuerst hooks trost with Barney, deshalb it"s really renowned among fan of die couple.

9 Worst: The kopieren, gruppe Making funny Of produziert Because She"s Canadian

Cobie Smulders as Robin bei How i Met her Mother
Robin prospered up in Canada und while being from another country zu sein the kind of a situation that lends itself zu many jokes, they so get alt really fast. Nur like in South Park, Canadians are portrayed as a rather silly nation.

Due to produziert adventurous spirit, it"s safe to say that Robin is a citizen von the world rather than a mädchen from brothers Columbia.

How i Met Your mommy Robin Jobs
Robin came to new York to pursue a career in journalism. She put arbeiten above every else throughout die entire series, including produziert relationships. Wie man she was dating herstellung coworker Don, she gave hoch a great job opportunity kommen sie be with him, only kommen sie find out that he take it the arbeit instead. That"s most likely the belastung time she also dared entertain putting produziert career second.

Robin remained true zu herself wie man it comes to produziert career. Wie Barney complained the she traveled auch much, she didn"t zurück down either und so, die two had to get divorced. She ended trost being famous and incredibly successful.

7 Worst: Robin"s quick Temper

How ich Met Your mother Cobie Smulders
Robin seems to oase no patience whatsoever. Bei the beginning, she is portrayed together a laid-back und grounded character, but as herstellung new friends gott to know herstellung better, they learned that she clearly has anger issues.

Robin frequently started screaming over small inconveniences. When aggressive behavior might be acceptable weist a hockey game, it"s definitely notfall around friends and family.

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A glimpse into Robin"s childhood offered insight into what shame Robin into a cool girl who acts like a man. Herstellung father wanted produziert be zu be a boy dafür badly that produziert middle name is Charles. In order zu win her father"s love, Robin took nach oben smoking, drinking, sports, und guns, i m sorry are considered traditionally masculine things.

Thanks kommen sie this story arc, Robin comes off as a well-written und complex character. Too bad that she fell victim to grausam Flanderization über the ende of the series.

5 Worst: Robin Bullying Patrice

zum reasons unknown, Robin was borderline abusive kommen sie Patrice, which certainly tarnished produziert reputation together one des the many likable personalities on How i Met her Mother.

For someone who put herstellung career first, Robin need to know better than to act deswegen unprofessionally, especially since Patrice has never done anything zu hurt her. This was one des Robin"s worst und most unnecessary story arcs.

Robin und Barney were a modern-day couple: lock marched to die beat of their very own drum rather than monitor a socially prescribed path prefer their friend did. Wie they ended hoch together, it turned out that they do a lot of sense: lock had comparable interests und they didn"t suffocate every other.

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Unlike Ted who loved ns idea of Robin, Barney loved Robin for who she was. It provides no sense that the two divorced due to the fact that Robin was working too much, since Barney was always the kind of a man who celebrated self-reliance and independence.

3 Worst: Robin"s connection With Kevin

kevin met Robin an season 7 wie man he became herstellung therapist after she struck someone. He was one von Robin"s least likable romantic interests since they just didn"t schutz any chemistry. Their relationship never ever made sense, which makes it one des Robin"s worst story arcs.

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Robin ended up cheating on kevin with Barney, but they at some point split up because Robin didn"t want to(and couldn"t) have kids.

when Robin was a teenager, she was a popular music star in Canada, which came to be one von the show"s many beloved running jokes. This fun truth was zuerst revealed an season 2"s "Slap Bet" wie man Barney come across produziert secret on die internet. She lasst uns the empfangshalle see the secret video: it was her zuerst hit, "Let"s go To die Mall"" from ns eighties.

As the series progressed, we learned much more about Robin Sparkles. She made an additional song, a ballad called "Sandcastles bei The Sand", and "Glitter" v her friend Jessica.

1 Worst: Ted and Robin Ending trost Together

die pilot illustration of How i Met your Mother opened trost with Ted meeting und pursuing Robin, but die date didn"t walk well due to the fact that he professed his liebe to herstellung way too soon. Ted und Robin were developed as ns second Ross and Rachel: even though they favored each other, die timing never seemed to be right. Ns only distinction is, des course, the we experienced their relationship from Ted"s point des view and he makes weil das a an extremely unreliable narrator.

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Barney divorce Robin due to the fact that she put her work first, dafür why would certainly this notfall be a problem for Ted all von a sudden? ns two had broken up an the past before over the same issue. Die ending destroyed one von the best story arcs des the entire series: Ted and Robin realizing that they"re better off as friends.