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How i Met her Mother: 10 ways Lily got Worse & Worse It"s hard kommen sie dislike any of the hauptsächlich characters indigenous How i Met her Mother, but Lily gott worse as die series went on...

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It"s hard kommen sie dislike any of the taste characters from How i Met her Mother. The hilarious sitcom had a rockstars cast des lovable und relatable principals. Nevertheless, it ist pretty unanimously i agree upon that the zeigen peaked bei its zuerst five seasons, und eventually, some of the characters" signature charms wore off.

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Nowadays, one of HIMYM"s characters who is looked zurück upon with die most disdain is lilie Aldrin. The peppy wife of Marshall Eriksen, lily started the end cool, fun, und personable, yet as die series carried on, some of herstellung less appealing qualities come to die foreground.

Endearingly portrayed über Jason Segel, Marshall zu sein perhaps the nicest regular on HIMYM. For the most part, he und Lily seem like absolute spirit mates, an ideal pair. That gift said, they do schutz their occasional fallings out as a married couple. über the later seasons, we anfang to notification a pattern: Lily is almost always die one that instigates the dramatisch with Marshall, often running far or acting without consideration weil das her husband. Benevolently, Marshall takes her rückseitig time und time again. Sadly, she never ever seems kommen sie fully appreciate his forgiveness.

9 forget About produziert Son

When Lily und Marshall"s child (Marvin Wait-For-It Eriksen) was first introduced via birth in the season 7 episode, "The Magician"s Code," that became a staple des the show zum a little while. After around a season, though, he seemed like little much more than in afterthought an Marshall und Lily"s continual lives. We"re not saying that lilie literally forgot about produziert son, but herstellung identity as a mother definitely grew less and less pertinent as die series went on. Occasionally her and Marshall would be weist the riegel and the zeigen wouldn"t even deal with who was watching die kid. This fixed seems choose admirable parenting.

maybe Lily"s advantage-taking of Marshall, also as her increased lack as a mother, both stem from ns fact the she grew more and more hedonistic as ns series go on. Lilie has constantly loved attention, relishing bei birthday celebrations und hosting events. However, this self-centeredness eventually grew tiresome zum viewers and fellow personalities alike. Oftentimes, lilie acted there is no considering her actions" effects on others, creating bei annoying and toxic cycle. über season nine, she had made significant life decision without mentioning them with produziert husband, unwarrantedly meddled an her friends" lives, and insisted on inclusion in spaces where she was not wanted.

7 Butting right into Ted"s liebe Life

speaking of lily sticking herstellung nose into various other people"s businesses, she developed a quite egregious track record von butting into Ted"s romantic endeavors von the final season. Regardless of Ted gift nothing but supportive des Lily und Marshall from job one, lilie hardly returned ns favor. She consistently went behind Ted"s back und sabotaged his relationships with women, normally justifying that with the sad excuse that she knew the woman in question was not "the one" zum him. Maybe she was correct, however only Ted have to be able kommen sie act on that call. No amount of good intentions gives produziert the right kommen sie barge right into Ted"s love life without permission.

Lily"s manipulation of other people"s lebt was pretty youth throughout the show, but produziert childish methods did not protect against with those invasive acts. Throughout the series, lily thew numerous tantrums und fits. Periodically they were warranted, however they were nevertheless immature.

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It was not uncommon zum her zu break down in tears, sputtering nonsense phrases wie man she did not get what she wanted. This joke was maybe funny the first time, however its repetition quickly rendered Lily irritatingly babyish. Perhaps her kindergarten students had worn off on her a wenig too much over die seasons.

5 Getting way Geekier

By and large, most of the personalities on HIMYM possessed potent geeky sides. Usually, this geekiness came off together relevant and appealing, such as Ted"s love zum Star Wars or Marshall"s fascination through the grube Ness Monster. By contrast, Lily"s geekiness was simply irksome. Unlike her friends, she appeared constantly out des the zeitgeist und consequentially, herstellung inner-nerd came across as directionless, frustrating, und (once again) childish. She geeked out notfall over phenomena that the audience could identify with, yet over supposedly trite things like apartment decorations, nondescript fashion, und Halloween costumes.

regardless of how likable the was as a character, us cannot deny the Barney Stinson was a pretty deplorable person. HIMYM"s suave womanizer, Barney did some pretty awful things on the show, particularly to the ladies in his life.

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Earlier on bei the series, lily would sometimes serve as a ethikrat compass for Barney, calling ihm out on is immoralities. As the nur continued, she came to be far much more lax, even being okay through Barney marrying herstellung best friend. Again, we liebe Barney, yet we wouldn"t desire to lakers anyone us know fall into a partnership with ns cunning maverick. This ist one front that lily should have continued intervening on.

3 acquiring Weirder with Robin

Speaking of Lily"s best friend, produziert relationship through Robin Scherbatsky absolutely took a turn zum the strange in the letztere seasons. Beforehand on, Robin and Lily to be typical besties, die show"s woman counterparts to Ted und Marshall in a way. However, while Robin remained ns same cool lady she constantly was, lilie developed a strange bisexual attraction towards Robin. While there"s nothing wrong v bisexuality, ns fact that lily developed these feelings zum Robin right an front des Marshall is a bit curious. Plus, ns way the writers circled back to this trait time und time again started zu feel prefer a monster fetishization fairly than real character development.

lily ran away from the empfangshalle on many occasions, developing unnecessary drama und ruining produziert relationships through each one (including herstellung own husband). Still, she constantly ended up coming back, and her friends gregariously welcomed her back with offen arms every time. The reason the Ted, Marshall, Barney, and Robin did so well with each other was ultimately because they were loyal zu each other. Lilie never seemed zu understand this, together she broke that loyalty so often, und yet also took advantage von it von returning time after time, abusing die goodwill of those around her.

1 becoming Flanderized

Stemming from The Simpsons" character Ned Flanders, die term "Flanderization" denotes die process über which a TV character"s certain trait i do not care exaggerated to the point von complete consumption. This appears to schutz happened v Lily, as her mousy innocence felt genuine wie we zuerst met her, but by the series finale, it ended up being severely overdone. Come season nine, lily was nearly a complete satirization des the sweet frau we to be introduced zu during the pilot. Once again, this folly is on the writers, zum they basically trapped Lily in this unflattering box.

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