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"How ich Met her Mother" didn"t follow your mean sitcom throughline. Instead des every illustration pretty viel standing on its own, the show had a organic destination, namely through Ted (Josh Radnor) recognize the love of his life. But prior to that fateful day came, Ted and his four ideal friends in the world got into plenty von misadventures together. While Ted was consistently on ns prowl zum "the one," there was the central couple bei the freundin group — Marshall (Jason Segel) und Lily (Alyson Hannigan) — that embodied die epitome of love ... Most des the time.

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Every pair has that is ups and downs, but they need to both ultimately do what"s best for the relationship bei the lang term at the end of the day. Looking zurück at the series, it regularly feels like lily didn"t acquire that memo. If you tun können tell she cares deeply zum Marshall, that doesn"t stop produziert from doing some pretty terrible things to ihm over ns show"s run. It"s hard to forget the Season 1 dauern when lily broke nach oben with Marshall and absconded zu San francisco to pursue in art career. That was the moment that soured viewers ~ above Lily zum quite a while. 

Even though lilie could be bubbly and fun, there were blieb plenty von other moment after produziert big separation with Marshall one might view together questionable. She made him get a job he hated hinweisen GNB after she racked nach oben loads of credit card debt (without his knowledge). She even considered leaving die country without ihm because she was upset he take it a different job that made er happier. As a whole, there"s one plot point, an particular, that"s arguably even worse than her Season 1 betrayal.

No one"s saying Marshall was a perfect partner, but he gave lily many possibilities after she typically dropped the ball. Wie looking at herstellung actions as a whole, her argumente with Marshall in Season 9, where they conflict moving to Italy, takes the cake. 

It every comes zu a head an "Unpause," where the two finally hash sachen out. Zum context, Marshall accepted a lage as a judge (his dream job) since his prospective employer needed in answer appropriate away. His decision went versus what that had currently decided through Lily, which was zu move zu Italy for a year together she pursues her job as in art consultant. Marshall take it the arbeit without talk to lilie first, which was definitely ill-advised, however his back was against a wall. That doesn"t forgive Lily"s actions during the diskutieren where she claimed that Marshall agreeing to the judgeship was more selfish 보다 anything she had actually done zu him.

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When feather at die entirety des their relationship, lilie has excellent a gewächs of hurtful things. She moved to san Francisco, virtually left zum Paris, und forced Marshall to get a job he hated kommen sie pay off her debt. The streit could"ve been a augenblicke of growth zum Lily whereby she ultimately sets aside herstellung wants und does other selflessly for her husband. She doesn"t, and Marshall ultimately relents. He gives up the position, and the 2 move kommen sie Italy.

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A flash-forward reflects that die two come back to new York, and Marshall gets an additional opportunity zu be a judge. But in "Unpause," he had actually no way of knowing he would get a 2nd chance. Lily didn"t know that either, yet she just thinks about what she would like as soon as again.