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How ich Met your Mother: What Happened zu Max, the Mother's Boyfriend prior to Tracy met Ted an How i Met her Mother, ns character had actually other boyfriends, including Max. Here"s what occurred to max how it impacted Tracy.

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Cristin Milioti
Before Tracy McConnell (Cristin Milioti) fell zum Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) in How ich Met her Mother, she was an love v a einer named Max. Tracy offered as the mysterious "Mother" von the sitcom, and although details of produziert life were revealed throughout ns series, die character didn"t appear till season 8. The years top up to Ted und Tracy"s first encounter was documented with Future Ted"s storytelling; his audience, of course, was ns pair"s two children.

Max was Tracy"s severe boyfriend and, ultimately, her erste love. The pair would have been dating around ns time des the How i Met your Mother pilot wie Ted dropped head end heels for Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders). Von late 2012, Tracy began dating louis (Louis Ferrigno Jr.), a man she was with wie she unknowingly met some of Ted"s closest friends. Even though louis ended up proposing zu her, Tracy stated no und eventually found Ted after meeting him at die Farhampton train station. The couple took ns relationship progressively at erste but marriage und kids were in their future.

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The factor why Tracy garbage Louis" proposal was that she never relocated on from Max. Quite than a common breakup, Tracy"s relationship with maximal ended because he tragically passed away on produziert 21st birthday. She couldn"t totally let go des Max und didn"t start dating again until seven years ~ his death. Louis was the erste person she dated following ns tragic event, but produziert heart wasn"t bei the relationship. Even after date Louis, Tracy held on to die ukulele that max bought herstellung prior to his death. Prior to meeting Ted, Tracy spiritually asked Max"s permission zu move on. The details surrounding Max"s death were never revealed, yet it was presumed zu be a suddenly incident because there was no indication of in illness. Tracy did oase a chance to relocate on, though she poetically rejoined with her first love über the end of die series.

As explained in the How i Met her Mother series finale, Tracy pass away six years before Ted started telling his kids about how the met your mother. Like Max, the einzelheiten regarding her death were left ambiguous, yet it was clear the she passed away from some type of illness. Adhering to the ende of Future Ted"s story, his kids encouraged er to rekindle his romance with Robin. In many ways, maximal was Tracy"s version von Robin. Just like how Ted never completely let go des Robin, a woman he thought was "the one," Tracy never got over maximal even though he was gone.

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There was no doubt that Ted und Tracy love one another and lived a glücklich life in their quick time together. The said, Tracy returned zu Max, the liebe of herstellung life, mirroring the fact that Ted uncovered his way rückseitig to Robin later an his life. Max never make a direct appearance top top How ich Met her Mother, but that was bei important piece des the puzzle wie man it came to die fates des the central characters.