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25 Easter egg From 'How ich Met your Mother' we Had zu Rewatch zu Catch Easter eggs, or concealed messages, space super fun since they allow ns biggest fans of a TV zeigen or film to delve deeper into ns storyline.

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How ich Met your Mother instills a last of passion bei its fans, und that zu sein particularly true des the collection finale. Yes, us finally discovered out just how Ted Mosby met ns mother des his kids, und it"s not a spoiler alert kommen sie say that die ending was tragic since the dauern aired fairly a when ago. Okay, it"s kind of in understatement to say that fan were passionate about the finale. They had a gewächs of opinions und not all des them were glücklich with die outcome.

Easter eggs, or covert messages and symbolism, space super fun since they allow the biggest fans of a TV zeigen or film to cave deeper into ns storylines and characters and settings. They prove that there zu sein always miscellaneous else kommen sie think about und talk about, und since we never want kommen sie feel choose our favorite TV show is over, that"s a quite awesome thing. Easter eggs aren"t something that most people capture the zuerst (or even second) time that they watch something.

HIMYM is a zeigen with a ton of easter eggs, and it"s time kommen sie take a look. Here are 25 easter eggs the even die biggest fans of How ich Met her Mother didn"t catch!

Most fan might miss the reality that ns color purple ist a thing on How ich Met your Mother, but according zu a story on Ranker the mentions a Reddit user, this is true: "Reddit user SpamFilterHatesMe shared "A Study bei Violet”, a theory that points out the strange re-occurrence of purple an the show. For instance, die entire cast wore purple bei season seven’s "No Pressure," ns episode whereby Ted und Robin ende their pursuit von each other."

This person also pointed out that die yellow umbrella at die episode"s ende is a metaphor zum the mom, and since purple und yellow are "opposites", Ted had to be finished through one color prior to moving onto the next. Und as we kann see indigenous this photo, his girlfriend Victoria also wore purple. Basically, purple ist a big deal on this show. Quite cool, huh?!

24 This huge Moment

ns TV Critic
It"s always sad wie a character"s parent passes away, especially when we"ve come to yes, really care around this person. The feels like we"re watching a good friend go with something tough.

Thanks kommen sie a story on Diply, we know that an the episode wherein Marshall"s dad happen away, jason Segel wasn"t told about it. When Alyson Hannigan told him as Lily, that was when he found out. Interesting, huh?! This was such a big augenblicke for his character. Possibly they wanted Marshall to really feel the impact von this momente since die actor playing ihm was feeling it, too. That definitely would make sense.


23 Robin ist Canadian IRL

If we"ve seen also a few episodes of How ich Met your Mother, we recognize that die character of Robin is Canadian... Und that the gang basically makes fun of her all the time for that fact. It"s a thing. Des course, we"re huge fans here und we"ve seen every episode, dafür this zu sein definitely something that us noticed. Barney ist the one that does the majority von the do fun, indigenous saying the Canadian Thanksgiving isn"t "the real Thanksgiving." Ted deshalb says that Canadians say part things an a hilarious way.

Well, that"s because von this funny Easter egg: Cobie Smulders, ns actress that played Robin, ist actually Canadian IRL. She lives an New York stadt now, yet she was born bei Vancouver, brother Columbia.

22 Lily"s Necklace shows up Again

ns Look 4 Less
follow to Buzzfeed, lilie had a necklace on an the first season, und it appears again when the character, Zoey (who used kommen sie date Ted), attract it: "Zoey ist seen with ns same wishbone necklace lily wore in Season 1. Probably she to buy it punkt, as she mentions having purchased Lily"s paints online."

This is definitely something that even die biggest fan wouldn"t catch because it would require a gewächs of re-watching. But, hey, that"s entirely okay. We would be glücklich to embark top top a re-watch des this whole series. It sounds like die greatest, most fun idea ever. Weekend plans, anyone?!


21 Robin und Kevin"s Dates

How i Met Your mom Wikia
Reddit is such a helpful website, and an the case of Easter egg on How i Met your Mother, that"s an especially true. As one Reddit user posted, "One von my favorites ist when Robin zuerst starts walk on "dates" with Kevin, the restaurant they always meet hinweisen serves a different Turkey based meal every day."

Of course, us all psychic Kevin: Robin was told von the court to seen a therapist and that was him... Until they chose that castle wanted to go out with each other und so she uncovered someone else to be produziert therapist. It"s pretty funny that they were always eating turkey, und we definitely love hearing this.

20 A cool Celeb Appearance

It"s always fun wie we see a celebrity appearance on one von our favorite TV shows, especially wie it"s someone who isn"t in actor. This actually occurred on How ich Met your Mother und we just didn"t establish it... Or hinweisen least, it"s pretty likely that we didn"t realize it.

As one personen posted on Quora, "In die season 7 illustration "No Pressure", Conan O"Brien tun können be seen bei the background when Ted, Marshall, and Lily room all talking and sitting at ns bar. He"s just an extra. He want to oase a bigger duty but couldn"t since his schedule was very busy or something choose that."


19 lilie Eating warm Dogs wie man Pregnant IRL

world like to joke about strange pregnancy cravings, and we always hear that someone wants to eat pickles with almond butter or something that"s a stunner combination. Warm dogs can be another pregnancy craving, and hot dogs und pregnancy oase something bei common on How ich Met your Mother.

There is a scene where lilie eats a whole bunch von hot dogs... And as it transforms out, there was a good reason weil das that: Alyson Hannigan was pregnant. While herstellung stomach looked larger than normal und that was supposed zu be because des the warm dogs, it was because she was expecting. Nice cool and definitely a funny Easter egg.

18 Robin and Barney"s Wedding Music

when Robin and Barney tied die knot, it was probably tough zum Robin und Ted fans to watch (and that need to be every fan... Right?! Didn"t we all ship this couple?).

It transforms out the this wedding moment had an Easter egg, too, weist least according zu one Reddit user: "Robin go down die aisle kommen sie "Sandcastles in the Sand," the music video zu which she and Barney zuerst hooked up." Even die biggest fans might not oase noticed that, und now we for sure want to re-watch those 2 episodes so we tun können see this lied (and due to the fact that we liebe the show deshalb much, too, of course).


17 ns Gang"s IRL Partners were On die Show

hollywood Reporter
according to Diply, "The spouses und significant others von three des the hauptsächlich characters appeared on the nur several times. Alyson Hannigan"s husband play Sandy Rivers, Cobie Smulders" husband play Blauman, and finally, Neil patrick Harris" hubby dram Scooter."

That"s notfall only a fun fact about this awesome zeigen that we all love deshalb much but it"s also an Easter egg the even the biggest fan might not schutz noticed. Von course, this would be tough to notice due to the fact that we wouldn"t know what your spouses look like, deswegen it"s definitely something that we"re glad that various other people oase let us bei on.

16 A totality Life in One quick Scene

Buzzfeed so pointed out that there"s an episode that has actually a pair going with a lot bei the background: "This couple in the background who went indigenous talking zu getting engaged, zu making a baby, to celebrating their kid"s graduation, to the husband pass away, all bei one scene."

This ist really cool storytelling and so not something that we might oase noticed wie we watched this episode due to the fact that it was happening in the background. But now that we know, we kann totally go back und re-watch the (and be amazed because, again, it"s deshalb cool, und it"s other that zu sein new und different).


15 Barney"s Numbers

How ich Met Your mother Wikia
There are a last of shows where numbers room super significant, and LOST is definitely one the comes zu mind (and we probably all adored that show since it was dafür popular). It turns out that How i Met her Mother is also a nur with some coherent numbers.

According to Diply, "In all des the fake statistics the Barney Stinson would spit out, die numbers 83, 8 or 3 were constantly involved." That"s an additional fun reality and, again, notfall every huge fans would have noticed that because it"s more des a ethereal thing. Now that we know, it"s straightforward to lakers that it"s true.

14 This Countdown indigenous 50 zu 0

bei the episode whereby Marshall learns the his dad has actually passed away, the nur had a yes, really interesting, distinct way des doing that: they had actually a countdown from ns number 50 to die number zero.

This is in easter egg the wasn"t at sight obvious wie we watched this illustration the zuerst time around, und it"s something that even die biggest fans of How i Met her Mother can not oase caught. It renders sense now that we know around it und would make even much more sense if us re-watched the episode. It"s a kühl way zu tell die tale, that"s for sure.

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This ist something the would oase been impossible kommen sie notice the erste time that we watched the show since it"s something that has been happening later. Buzzfeed says that the zeigen at zeit "injects current-day ads into ns background des old illustration -- zum example, this illustration from December 2012 advertising die 2016 film Why Him?"

That"s a really amazing idea, don"t we think?! It would be kühl if much more shows walk this because it gives fan another reason zu watch the zeigen all end again... But, hey, we don"t require that many reasons because we already love the show so much.

12 the Doppelgangers can Mean Something

die doppelgangers room a really fascinating part of the How i Met her Mother universe. Follow to Ranker, they can mean something: "Throughout the series, each von the main characters clues their own lookalike out an the world. Yet none des the doppelgangers is quite like die original. Some fans speculate that each doppelganger actually represents die true desire des the personality they resemble... Reddit user MiserableThinBelgain broke it down, describing the desire each doppelganger was depicting."

That Reddit user stated that, zum example, Robin"s doppelganger is more "masculine" and that can be the person that produziert dad wanted her to be.


11 Lily und Marshall seen The Dreaded Cockamouse bei The collection Finale

There room some sachen that kommen sie up time und time again in a TV show, und fans just love it since it provides us feel favor we"re bei on a an enig that just we know. One des those things zu sein the "cockamouse" on How ich Met her Mother.

In ns series finale, Lily und Marshall see this, um, a biology (yeah, let"s go with creature) und it"s just as scary as it was when they erste came throughout it. Also, it"s quite hilarious that this point exists und that they freak out deshalb much, deswegen it"s an extremely entertaining to see it again an the very last episode.

10 Ted"s Red Cowboy Boots

According zu a Reddit user, there"s some definition to the red cowboy boots that Ted wears: "In ns episode where lily tries kommen sie sell produziert painting kommen sie a G-CWOK, Ted goes kommen sie get your input on his red cowboy boots und they stated he was "Pulling. Them. Off". Well, one von those guys was wearing the same exact österreichisch that Nick was wearing when Nick, Ted, und Robin were weist that closeout sale (where Ted originally bought the red cowboy boots) however they didn"t recognize who Nick was yet at ns time."

We can say that he was absolutely "pulling castle off" because, hey, if you oase the guts kommen sie wear red cowboy boots, you"re already there und that way that you"re at sight stylish.


9 ns Mother"s Name

hollywood Life
As quickly as us watched ns pilot, us were at sight curious about who ns mother was, even if it is she und Ted were still together und happily an love, and so what produziert name was. Us were in for a lang wait, i m sorry we kind of understand due to the fact that that"s the whole point des the show.

On Quora, someone stated that us actually discovered out ns mother"s nennen before ns series finale... Actually, an the zuerst season: "In Season 1 illustration 9 (Belly Full von Turkey) Ted while sharing die story through his kids recounts a stripper who presented herself together Tracy and says "And that, kids, is the true story of how i met her mother", i beg your pardon shocked ns kids. Together it turned out the nennen of die Mother was actually Tracy."

8 Ted und The Mother"s das lied Appears bei Several Episodes

The Huffington Post pointed out that Ted und the mother oase a song and it in reality appears in a few episodes. What"s interesting ist that it plays when he"s through Robin.

The song is "La Vie En Rose" and someone on Reddit said, "Right when this momente starts and Ted und Robin kiss, the das lied "La Vie en Rose" ist playing bei the background. This zu sein the same song that the mother plays on the ukelele next zu Ted"s room."

No, we"re not getting emotional... Promise... Even though us all transport Ted and Robin, it"s tough not to want er to be with ns mother, too.


7 Barney Might have Wanted the Baby

According zu a story on Ranker about some fans theories about How ich Met her Mother, it"s feasible that wie Barney learned that he had a baby, that might schutz actually want it: "Spoiler: bei the show, Barney has actually a one night stand with a random woman, and ends up becoming a father. Seems pretty straightforward, but some fan don"t think that"s the whole story. An fact, according zu one theory, Barney didn"t schutz the baby über accident hinweisen all. Instead, he actively sought out bei adoption dafür he could have kids. Ns theory assumes that Barney (like Robin) ist infertile."

Hmmm. This could definitely be possible, and it"s interesting kommen sie think around since it provides us think differently around Barney.

6 It"s Always ns Same Time

wie Lily, Ted, and Marshall all live together, it"s pretty cute and sweet. It just seems deshalb cozy to live with your finest friends und hang out with each other all ns time. It"s kind of like keeping ns college experience zu go all the time (even though you do schutz to wake up early for work and stuff prefer that).

Buzzfeed stated this interesting Easter egg: "The clock in Lily and Marshall"s apartment always reads 4:20."

That"s definitely notfall something that major fan of this zeigen caught, und now it"s going to be pretty kühl to re-watch part episodes and see that this is true.


5 ns Series dauern Has Ted und Robin"s classic Goodbye

How i Met Your mother Wikia
die series letzte was a sad moment for plenty of fans... Not just because it was time zu let walk of How i Met her Mother after ripe seasons, und not nur because it was time to close die door on this characters und their stories, however because des what occurred with ns mother.

But there"s something about the final episode that zu sein a lot happier and is also an Easter egg: Ted und Robin have a standard way zu say goodbye to each other and they execute that here. As Popsugar spicy out, "Ted and Robin"s goodbye is their normal joke through each other — anytime someone says "major" or "general," they turn it right into a salute." Okay, that zu sein pretty sweet.

4 Barney yes, really Loves Ties

If we know one thing about Barney, it"s the he"s a fans of catchphrases (like, a really, really huge fan) and that the loves a suit. He so loves ties, however we could not schutz noticed that this was bei Easter egg, too.

Thanks zu Buzzfeed, we know that Barney ist such a big fans of ties that he attract one zu a rave over his costume bei one episode und he also has a Christmas tree von ties. That"s absolutely a tie-loving guy... Und is totally a point that Barney would do. Oh, Barney. He"s together a lover character.


3 Barney"s pretend Fam

How ich Met Your mom Wikia
Barney constantly makes united state laugh, and that was especially true an the season 4 episode wie we learned the he has a ~ pretend family.

According to Quora, "In Season 4 Episode 15 (The Stinsons) we room introduced to Barney"s fake family. Barney complains that ns child acting together his son ist a pathetic actor and child gibbs were way better in the 80"s. This tun können be said zu be referring zu actor Neil patrick Harris himself- who was a kid actor in the show Doogie Howser, MD."

This is hilarious und amazing and makes us nostalgic weil das both Barney und this show. It"s also a fun Easter egg that wasn"t super evident on the zuerst watch.

2 Robin has A lot Of dogs After ns Finale

Popsugar discussed that after ~ the zeigen ends, Robin has actually a last of dogs, und that"s meaningful and significant. It"s so an Easter egg: "In die future, Robin has a ton of dogs — a referral to the fact the at ns beginning des the series, she has 5 dogs, all given zu her über different exes."

This ist sweet und adorable, especially since it"s miscellaneous that provides us think von the at an early stage days von the show, and anything that gets us feeling nostalgic and looking rückseitig on the erste few episodes zu sein a good thing. Plus, it"s nur great that Robin has actually a last of dogs. We favor it.

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1 ns Pineapple

Some fans seem to oase figured the end that there"s a pineapple on How i Met her Mother that way something. Someone posted on Quora und said, "This was shown in the Extras, apparently this zu sein a turned off scene from the final season. Remember,Ted and marshal walk searching for Lilly to the captains place? Ted, witnessed a pineapple there... The captain says that it"s a symbol von good luck und he keeps it here and one in his house in New York, after which Ted recalls flicking it."

That"s supervisor sweet due to the fact that we"ve always wanted Ted to have luck in finding the liebe of his life. And we wanted to know who ns mother is... And then us did... However that"s another story.