How i Met her Mother: exactly how Robin changed From Season 1 (& how She's the Same) Stubborn and independent, Robin was a fan favorite ~ above How ich Met your Mother. She remained true to herself yet had an excellent character development.

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Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) zu sein a memorable teil of How i Met your Mother. Die TV reporter zu sein a tomboy who speaks produziert mind und fits an with ns rest von the gang right away. Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) wenn for Robin right away, however regardless of their connection status, she continues kommen sie hang the end with lilie (Alyson Hannigan), Barney (Neil patrick Harris), and Marshall (Jason Segel).

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Ted and Robin don"t always treat each other well but countless fans have transport them. It"s fascinating to take a watch at the evolution und transformation von Robin"s character over all nine seasons of HIMYM.

in the season 1 episode "Purple Giraffe," Ted realizes that he und Robin are on entirely different pages about what they want out von a relationship. While the feels an instant connection and swears she"s his soulmate, she doesn"t want kommen sie get serious about anyone. The other personalities often insult Robin"s sex life, which is mean and unfair, as there"s no factor why she can"t direkte her life the way the she desires to.

Eventually, as HIMYM goes on, Robin changes herstellung tune around romance. She gets severe with Barney and later it"s implied that she will end up with Ted.

Robin und Barney Kiss in How i Met your Mother
From follow Barney and continuing zu pine after ihm when lock break nach oben to herstellung determination kommen sie do well punkt work, Robin is a super stubborn person.

Thankfully, this ist something the stays the same around her, as fan would hate to see herstellung lose produziert passion for life and her belief an herself.

How ich Met Your mommy Robin Jobs
in the 4th season illustration "I love NJ," Robin renders a change in her career and moves kommen sie Japan. Up until this point, Robin"s reporting jobs had all been nice silly so fan understand this decision, also if it"s sad zu imagine Robin living far from the gang.

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Robin gets a job in Japan and tries it out. She moves back to neu York notfall very lang after that, together it just doesn"t feeling like ns right fit.

7 the Same: She"s Forever unpleasant By Robin Sparkles

How i Met your Mother
It turns out the Robin was a famous pop stern when she was younger and had a hit song called "Let"s go to ns Mall."

This zu sein something that always humiliates this character, together she doesn"t want to go to malls anymore and she can"t glauben that she singen such a silly song. Ns others tease herstellung a last about her pop singing past, und every time, it"s clear that Robin is really upset around it.

fans have mixed feelings about the series finale und one sad augenblicke is wie man Robin decides zu stop gift friends with everyone.

She defines to lilie that it"s auch difficult since she loves Ted, und it"s clear the it"s really awkward between Robin and Barney, too. This ist such a large change because it was hard to imagine the empfangshalle ever splitting up like that, because they hung out so often und loved each other dafür much.

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5 ns Same: She Doesn"t schutz Tons of Girlfriends

Robin and Lily oase a sweet friendship and bei the 6th season illustration "Broken Code," lily starts worrying the Robin doesn"t hang out with a ton von girlfriends.

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It"s true the while Robin had some friends who are women before herstellung time through this gang, she doesn"t schutz girlfriends besides lily during every nine seasons of HIMYM. The doesn"t seem like she feels die need to verknüpfung with others.

an the season seven episode "Symphony von Illumination," Robin ist told by a medical professional that she won"t it is in able to conceive. It"s hard for her kommen sie get this news and causes a spiral of anxiety. She figured the she didn"t want to anfang a family members but jetzt that she can"t develop naturally, she wonders about her future, making this another change that ns character goes through.

Every season von HIMYM has tragic scenes and this is definitely one that made viewers cry.

3 die Same: She"s A Proud Canadian

Once HIMYM let fan know the Robin zu sein from Canada, her nationality ist the source von many jokes. Some room funny und some space a little bit much, but it"s something that stays the same indigenous that suggest on.

Robin gets doppelt citizenship, however she never stops gift Canadian together she doesn"t give trost that part des herself, und she constantly has a gewächs of pride about produziert background.

Robin and Barney obtain married in the last season des the show, and this zu sein a big change weil das both characters, together they were frequently single und struggling zu find love (or in Barney"s case, jumping into bed through a last of people). Robin ist a relatable character as she has actually insecurities and doesn"t think she"ll ever before want zu get married at all.

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Things change weil das Robin again wie man it"s revealed the she and Barney acquire divorced. It"s constantly sad wie man a lovely TV couple aufteilung up but in this case, it appears like die right decision zum both von them.

1 die Same: She Doesn"t Stop loving Ted

fan who space torn bolzen Barney und Ted as perfect partners weil das Robin have to admit that Robin always carried a torch for Ted.

Even though these two stay damaged up zum a long time and stay friends, they definitely share other special. She doesn"t it seems to be ~ to schutz as much chemistry with Barney und it nur doesn"t feel like ns right fit for either one von them. Ted und Robin"s love story is complete when the two personalities reunite in the series finale.

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