All ns Clues To the Mother’s Death bei How ich Met her Mother die Mother"s fatality came kommen sie a shock to many viewers during ns How i Met Your mom series dauern but there were a couple of clues hinting at her fate.

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How i Met Your mother Tracy Death
Much des the an enig looming end How i Met her Mother during its nine-year run was die identity des the Mother, but ns series threw viewers an additional curveball at die very end by revealing that the Mother pass away sechs years prior kommen sie Future Ted"s story. However, when looking back, there were in reality a number von clues hinting at ns character"s grim fate.

The writers of How i Met your Mother to be masters wie it came to ausgezeichnet clues and hidden Easter eggs the called zurück previous moment on the series. At times there were so moments des foreshadowing that numerous viewers didn"t pick nach oben on until multiple viewings von the series. Ns Mother"s name, zum example, was actually revealed in the show"s debut season. Ted was telling his kids about meeting a stripper named Tracy und claimed that was how the met your mother before claiming that he was just joking. Later bei the series, ns Mother"s benennen was revealed zu be Tracy McConnell.

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As time go on through How i Met your Mother, loyal viewers started zu worry about ns Mother"s fate. There were a number of fan theories that suggested the character was dead, und that was a reason why Ted was telling his kids the story. Unfortunately, many of those theories came true together Tracy passed far sometime an 2024. Here are all von the hints that alluded to the character"s fatality throughout How i Met your Mother.

Future Ted"s Story

Josh Radnor as old Ted an How ich Met her Mother
Over the nine seasons of How ich Met her Mother, Future Ted narrated ns series together he said his children the story von how that met Tracy. As countless viewers have noticed, die mysterious mom character was always referred to bei the previous tense. This helped fuel die fire regarding die theories that die Mother was dead von the time Ted began his großartiger story. The series also relied ~ above interweaving different timelines including flashbacks and flash-forwards. Notfall one des the flash-forward sequences associated Tracy. Also if they wanted zu keep produziert identity a secret, there would have been ways to feature produziert presence without providing away auch much. This never seemed kommen sie bode well v those hoping die Mother was alive and well.

How ich Met your Mother
The zuerst hint about Tracy"s fate come during die penultimate episode of How i Met her Mother season 1. After ~ visiting a matchmaking service, liebe Solutions, Ted was finally contacted the he had actually been suitable with ns "perfect woman. Bei the end, Ted decided not to meet ns woman since he wanted zu get Robin back. Despite notfall meeting her, einzelheiten from die match"s record were revealed. One particular detail stated that herstellung favorite publication was Love in the Time von Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez. The plot des the publication would walk on to foreshadow ns future situation between Ted, Tracy, und Robin.

Ted was seen reading ns book on multiple occasions. He was even reading ns book while sitting at die Farhampton Train Station wie he zuerst met Tracy. Die book focused on a young couple bei love who eventually grew apart. One von them go on und married but after the spouse passed away, ns original couple found your way zurück together. This eerily copy what happened between Ted und Robin year after Tracy passed far from bei undisclosed illness.

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The Gravestone punkt Marshall"s Tailgate

How ich Met your Mother
The next indisputable proviso didn"t kommen sie until How ich Met your Mother season 7. An the episode titled "Tailgate," Marshall brought on the zoll of tailgating on new Year"s Day through his father. Marvin Sr. Happen away ns year before dafür Marshall collection up ns tailgate hinweisen his father"s grave. More und more civilization arrive und Marshall allowed them zu join in on ns tradition. While at the gravesite, there was a gravestone adjacent that simply read "Mother." die word is not uncommon on a gravestone yet with no other nennen listed, it sure seemed choose this was a well-planned hint punkt what was zu come.

The Farhampton Train station came into emphasis during the How ich Met your Mother season 8 premiere episode. It began with Ted sit on die platform after ~ Robin und Barney"s wedding reception. He climate backtracked and explaining a story involving Victoria und how a conversation at the same terminal made him realize the he was still on the search zum "The One." zurück to Ted"s primary timeline, Tracy arised from a taxi und stood on a communication a couple of feet away. Back viewers couldn"t see produziert face, this was nur moments prior to Ted und Tracy officially met. During the scene depicting die pair together their last moments von strangers, the das lied "The Funeral" from band of Horses was playing. This das lied was purposely liked as a connection to the Mother"s fate unveiled bei the series finale.

During ns How i Met her Mother season 8 episode, "The Time Travelers, future versions des Ted and Barney tried kommen sie convince Ted kommen sie go to Robots versus Wrestlers. When telling ns story to his kids, Ted realized the it had been two decades since the night. Ted wished that he might relive that night yet instead von debating about seeing Robots matches Wrestlers, he want the chance to oase extra days v Tracy. He imagined self running kommen sie Tracy"s apartment and telling produziert that they wollen meet in 45 days. Ted claimed that he would do anything to oase those extra 45 days with her, foreshadowing the their time together zu sein eventually cut short.

A das lied playing bei that episode so provided evidence von Tracy"s death. That featured "If You see Her, to speak Hello" by Bob Dylan. The song ist about shedding a loved one and includes the message about notfall wasting time. This alluded to how Ted was feeling wie looking zurück at his life in the time top up zu his frühen zeitpunkt meeting v Tracy.

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Tracy"s Wedding Comment

The best clue foreshadowing Tracy"s grim fate take it place nur a couple of episodes before the How i Met her Mother series finale. Bei "Vesuvius," Ted and Tracy were gezeigt having dinner hinweisen the Farhampton Inn bei the year 2024. Castle realized the they had turned into in "old married couple" since they understand all des each other"s stories. Ted then remembered a story about Robin"s lack des anxiety on produziert own wedding day. Ns story finished with Robin"s mom showing up to attend die wedding, a complete surprise to everyone. Tracy doubted why that would be a surprise while stating "what mother zu sein going zu miss her daughter’s wedding?" prior to Ted got choked up.

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This explain greatly influenced Ted and he was overcome v visible emotion. Tracy easily noticed the what she stated upset produziert husband so they changed the subject. It was assumed the Ted was already well aware des Tracy"s illness punkt this point and the id that his wife not being around wie man their kids gott older was unbearable. Des course, this sadly became true as Tracy pass away well before produziert daughter ever before had the wahrscheinlichkeit to get married.