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Submitted photoCharlene Amoia zu sein best known zum her function as Wendy die Waitress on "How i Met her Mother."

Wendy die Waitress might notfall be the mother top top “How i Met your Mother” yet she ist everyone’s favorite barmaid.

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“I feeling like ich got dafür lucky. I auditioned zum one episode, ich had no idea any von this would come with it,” said Charlene Amoia that plays ns bubbly bartender.

“I like herstellung a lot because i made the decision she’s in eternal optimist, gullible, und it might notfall be entirely realistic yet it’s a fun ar to direkte in.”

“There was absolutely naught on the character when i started. There was no character description deswegen I was able zu slowly figure out that she was,” she said.

“How i Met her Mother”, jetzt finished with its sixth season, möchte pick up zum a final season next fall.

Tagged as a “love story in reverse”, “How i Met her Mother” concentrates on Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) together he tells ns story of how the met his wife kommen sie his daughter und son in 2030.

The story starts in the year 2005 und details die adventures Ted has actually with his four ideal friends living an New york City.

“It’s pretty to schutz that support,” she included of fans who wanted Wendy to be the show’s secret mother.

“All five of them are an extremely nice and funny. Everyone zu sein always laughing and goofing around,” she said of the cast.

“They all oase their styles, ich couldn’t pick one who zu sein funnier than the rest. They’re all yes, really great.”

In ns Season 2 episode des “Glee”, titled “Comeback”, Amoia was able to nur off herstellung other talents.

As Bailey, a nurse hinweisen a pediatric hospital, Amoia sang “This wenig Light des Mine” with the children, Matthew Morrison (who plays will Schuester) und Jane Lynch (who dram Sue Sylvester).

“I absolutely love music,” she said. “I liebe playing music. I didn’t grow up taking piano lessons like a lot of people yet if a band said we need a girl to play ns guitar ich would run up and down. I would liebe to combine music right into my work.”

FOXCharlene play Bailey in the "Comeback" episode von "Glee."

“I didn’t know that i would be singing on the show,” she added. “The children came from echt children’s hospitals. They were the most vibrant, energetic kids. It was a yes, really awesome storyline kommen sie be a teil of. Ich was really moved von everything.”

“It was a good day. Matthew was warm und friendly and made me feel punkt home, jane was funny, nice, und kind. I think they were on their best habits because von the story us were doing.”

Although she didn’t show up on the show until “Comeback”, Amoia was zuerst connected to “Glee” in Season One.

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“Basically what a loop group does ist add an the required ambiance sound and play with die sound effects. Wie man characters space walking down the hallway for a scene, everyone else ist silent deswegen you kann hear the dialogue. Us add in the hallway noises after,” Amoia explained.

“I really favor ‘The big Bang Theory’,” she said. “I gain those guys und the material. Ich would make hoch a personality who is very reclusive und maybe has actually some OCD.”

“If I oase a work off i like kommen sie hike, operation on the beach, schutz movie nights with my friends, and I like zu cook,” she said.

“It’s ns thing that’s many fulfilling zum me. It’s important since helping each other along is what it’s all about. We’re relocating away instead des working with each other. It feels right zu give back,” she said.

“The human being on ‘How i Met your Mother’ exposed me kommen sie Food top top Foot,” she added. “It’s local and helps feed die homeless.”

“I really assistance Women weil das Women International. Lock do good things for women. I watched a clip about how prevalent rape is in the Congo. The really opened up my eyes. Ich couldn’t fathom how lucky us are,” Amoia said.

Living with parents that struggled with addiction, Amoia claimed those experiences schutz made produziert a stronger person and better entertainer.

“When i face rejection, i don’t feel favor that möchte break me. No matt how plenty of no’s i have gotten, it no dishearten me or do me bitter,” she said.

“I tun können delve into places because von what i’ve seen. It’s really cathartic. I oase a gewächs of geschichte I have to tell und will tell.”

“I started acting because i was modeling und went an for an audition weil das a commercial. I got a high off von it. From the audition, ich decided kommen sie explore the after I got my degree. I didn’t understand what the mach das licht an I was doing but ich knew i had kommen sie be in LA.”

Despite being best known zum her tv roles, Amoia hopes kommen sie eventually focus her attention ~ above film.

“I’d like kommen sie direct myself more kommen sie film,” she said. “There’s more time to really build characters und tell a story in film.”

“I’m also shooting a vacation Hallmark movie referred to as ‘The Christmas Pageant’ through Melissa Gilbert,” she said.

“I never get bored,” Amoia said of her roles. “It’s constantly a new character, new people, und new experience. It’s really fun.”

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