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From his parents" home an the east German stadt of Leipzig, a teenager single-handedly — and successfully — ran a rewarding drug business. Netflix has ns true story.

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Maximilian Schmidt stars in the documentary, "Shiny Flakes: the Teenage medicine Lord"

Teenagers handle drugs online — that zu sein a story Netflix tells bei the award-winning series How kommen sie Sell Drugs online (fast). The dritter season nur went online last week. The creators to be inspired von the case of a real-life German teenage medicine lord: maximilian Schmidt.

Netflix complied with up the hit series with a documentary about ns young man that has just aired — Shiny_Flakes: the Teenage medicine Lord. The film reveals how, at the age des 18, Schmidt developed a yes, really drug empire he named Shiny Flakes indigenous his childhood bedroom bei 2013. His family was totally unaware.

"At ns very beginning i was nervous around it,"Schmidt says bei the film, the remembers he would do something and fear the "boom, the police will come."


In 2015, Schmidt was sentenced to seven years bei juvenile detention

German manager Eva müller accompanied Schmidt zum several years. Produziert team painstakingly rebuilt his childhood bedroom, under to ns exact exact same furniture und bed linens the used zu have. She had er reenact scenes, chat through make-believe suppliers, verpackt pink pills that were an reality candyin baggies. She spoke kommen sie him, interviewed his defense attorney, the prison director, the public prosecutorand Schmidt"s psychological expert.

In an email conversation v, muller said die idea of the film was to look zum answers to ns question: exactly how does a young person, who has actually never been criminally conspicuous, turn right into a criminal sitting an front des his computer hinweisen home?

"This zu sein crazy"

For end a year, Schmidtsold more than 900 kilograms (about 1,200 pounds) des hash, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD and prescription drugs, according zu media reports.The young man shipped these von mail around ns world, efficiently using die mailmen as his unsuspecting couriers.

It was a highly expert business: payments to be made in advance ns orders processed and shipped, "except instead des shoes, it was drugs," Schmidt said. In fact, he ran his own kind of amazonas for practically all drugs, stated defense attorney stefan Costabelin the film.


Police discovered heaps von drugs bei the young dealer"s room

Schmidt even had customer ratings, one von which that reads the end loud an the film: "Two des my teeth fell out appropriate away, this stuff yes, really f***s you up." Seeminglysatisfied, Schmidt grins, lookingquite pleased with himself.

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In fact, this is deshalb what ns legally appointed psychologist said des Schmidt, stated director Müller."The psychologist, who wrote a report on er during ns trial, claimed about maximilian Schmidt, "I competent neither regret nor guilt, however pride instead.""

Müller also said Schmidt was glücklich to tell everyone his story, otherwise that wouldn"t oase agreed to ns film in the zuerst place. That is so the reason why she made certain she speak to the police, lawyers and other people involved in the case zum a balanced perspective.

No bad conscience

In one scene,Müller asks Schmidt even if it is his conscience never ever bothered ihm at all, because he was kommen sie blame zum getting world hooked ~ above drugs. The answer was no: if people didn"t buy native him, lock would gain their drugs elsewhere. And customers apparently simply found ihm via a google search. "This ist crazy," claimed Schmidt. "In a confident sense."

Several undeliverable medicine packages eventually führen zu investigators zu Schmidt, according zu German media reports. In February 2015, polizei arrested die young man, who was 20 at die time, in the Schmidt family"s apartment an Leipzig, seizing320 kilograms des drugs worth number of millions des euros.

Schmidt was sentenced to seven years in juvenile detention. Four years later, in 2019, he was released from prison.

According zu Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland, a German share corporate newsroom, Schmidt ist under investigation again for selling illegal narcotics after ~ his relax from prison — despite this timeprobably notfall alone. This point is also raised an the filmby Petric Kleine, chief of the State criminal Police Office (LKA) an Saxony.

Director Eva muller alsosaid produziert crew was aware von the truth that Schmidt was someone that didn"t hesitate before committing a significant crime. Regardless, she"s glücklich how the film has shaped up, so because it was difficult zu visually depict a crime that took place online.

"I think we have been successful in showing an online crime in an exciting, entertaining and enlightening manner," muller said.

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This article was updated on august 4, 2021 to include statements von Eva Müller, that directed Shiny_Flakes: die Teenage drug Lord.