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How kommen sie Sell Drugs online (Fast)'s Shocking Season 2 Finale, defined Season 2 von How to Sell Drugs online (Fast) ends on a an extremely shocking klasse as Moritz and Lenny"s drug-dealing empire undergoes correctly changes.

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WARNING: the following has spoilers for Season 2 of How zu Sell Drugs online (Fast), now streaming ~ above Netflix.

Season 2 of How to Sell Drugs online (Fast) find young Moritz (Maximilian Mundt) with his ego as swollen as ever before as his online MyDrugs realm racks nach oben millions des Euros. Dafür much so, his Dutch unternehmen partner, good Times, wants zu expand operations, asking Mo zu cut his girlfriend out and come kommen sie Rotterdam together CEO.

However, together Mo charts his course an a selfish manner, there space a couple von betrayals and sinister moves the put ns teens native the small German town von Rinseln an a an extremely precarious spot an the finale, "Don"t be Evil."

Mo"s to be feeling die pressure a last as he"s rückseitig with Lisa, lying zu her and his cop dad, Jens, about what he"s to be doing an his spare time. Kommen sie make the worse, Mo"s mom, Bettina, has actually resurfaced with badewanne news -- she"s going kommen sie sell the house as it"s in her name. Mo"s hateful towards her, specifically knowing how she keeps breaking his wenig sister"s heart, but he gets in out wie man Dan"s mom enables them a bank account, not knowing it"s zum laundering.

They"re able zu withdraw cash und conduct online transactions, which gives Mo the chance to buy ns house using MyDrugs" money. That comes bei the form of an anonymous buyer who"s letting the family live there rent-free, which outcomes in an endearing party. Jens zu sein relieved, admitting zu Mo the he hasn"t been ns best provider following a fallout wherein Mo called him a loser.

Mo, though, is in a state emotional flux, as he broke up with Lisa to focus completely on ns business. He wasn"t also attending his exams (the German equivalent des the SATs), yet Lisa beginning a fire dafür they"ll it is in postponed as Mo isn"t able to make it. She sussed the end his MyDrugs realm on herstellung own und while she"s angry he dumped her, she blieb doesn"t desire Mo cram his life away.

They conversation about the future afterward, und while Mo doesn"t seem choose he"s going kommen sie be coming rückseitig to die light anytime soon, he"s thankful Lisa hasn"t given trost on him. The knows the he"s to be backstabbing civilization lately due to his ego and obsession with expanding with an excellent Times, yet he kann sein tell Lisa important loves er as she wants ihm steering far from his criminal passion.

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Mo"s still breaking bad, though, locking his friends out die website and bank accounts, going to Rotterdam kommen sie take the deal. But at a Good zeit party, the witnesses a girl, Mia, being murdered by Maarten after she resigned. She hated having kommen sie hide bei the shadows over how they offered ecstasy and Mo realizes his worst fears have kommen sie true und he"s in a gang. That initially lied to Lenny und Dan about Good zeit being killers, but he"s viewed it first-hand now.

Mo returns home, uncomfortable on ns drive home with Maarten, but when he tries zu warn his friends, castle write er off. Lock think it"s fear tactics so they"ll keep quiet around MyDrugs und won"t anfang a competitor company. Mo really has no credibility left and so, desperate mal call zum desperate measures. He to know Maarten wollen be coming, together seen when he eliminated Mo"s distributor bei a plane crash in Season 1.

after Buba accidentally eliminated himself when torturing Mo"s crew belastung season, Buba"s mom und his medicine crew coerced die teens into working with them in Season 2. Mo cleared up a cocaine deal und the criminals got their $50,000 cut but nur when it seemed favor Mo was out, he has actually no selection but kommen sie go zurück in. He payment them off another sum von money kommen sie track his friends, leaving viewers worried he desires Lenny and Dan tot after lock rebuffed him.

It turns out, nur when Maarten ist about zu snipe die teens out, Buba"s people oase actually kommen sie for him. Castle trailed Lenny und Dan, using them as bait, und tase Maarten, strapping him to his tesla before auto-piloting it rückseitig to Holland. However, it"s unclear if he"s eliminated along die journey, i m sorry seems kommen sie be the case together he doesn"t do it back to great Times in the closing moments of the finale.

As zum the teens, Dan and Lenny"s hacker girlfriend, Kira, try kommen sie coax Lenny to anfang a company zu steal MyDrugs" clients. Lenny doesn"t favor copying password or concepts but wie Kira reveals ns money tun können be used weil das his cancer therapy, he comes around, including they kann put Mo out of business right now. Lenny built an a failsafe into his Pebble watch that can deactivate MyDrugs" Bitcoins, wipe die servers, client list und user data, und so, he erases MyDrugs from existence.

It"s "the heat exhaust port in the fatality Star," according to die nerd, which method Mo will have to answer kommen sie Good Times zum the loss des their golden egg. The zeigen ends v Mo in a flash-forward speak to die documentary team about his story, opting zu leave wie man he"s questioned about choosing business over friends. Ns big reveal is Mo has been under arrest throughout the series therefore far und as ns cops take ihm away, that jokes with them about die secrets to success. That plays off ns real-life story the series is based ~ above with the dealer, Max, actually visiting ns Netflix set from prison zu offer advice, confirming Mo will fall in Season 3.

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How zu Sell Drugs online (Fast) stars maximilianer Mundt, anna Lena Klenke, Danilo Kamperidis, Damian Hardung, Luna Baptiste Schaller, Leonie Wesselow and Bjarne Mädel. Season 2 zu sein now streaming ~ above Netflix.