How kommen sie Force Update google Play Store? Google pat Store zu sein the official anwendung store zum the devices powered von Android. It zu sein the one-stop-shop for millions of android apps and games, e-books und movies, etc. Downloading and updating apps indigenous the google Play Store ist fairly easy. Freundin just oase to search zum your preferred app on ns Play Store and hit install zu download ns app. That zu sein it. Your apps is downloaded. Updating any anwendung with play Store zu sein equally simple. So, we tun können use pat Store kommen sie update our apps however how perform we update Play save itself? beat Store ist actually updated automatically in the background, unlike the other apps that we update whenever us please.

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While ns Play Store generally stays up-to-date without causing any type of trouble, freundin may confront problems through it sometimes. Her Play Store could stop working or just cease zu download any anwendung because that has notfall been updated effectively or hasn’t to be updated due zu some reasons. Bei such cases, freundin might want to update her Play store manually. Here are three ways in which you kann sein update the google Play Store.


3 Ways to Update google Play keep

Method 1: Play save Settings

Though ns Play store updates chin automatically, that does provide for its users in option kommen sie update it manually an case of problems and the process zu sein quite easy. Despite there is no direct taste to start bei update, opening ‘Play keep version’ will automatically anfang updating your app. To update ns Play store manually,

1.Launch ns Play Store app on your android device.


2.Tap on the hamburger menu on die top left corner or merely swipe bei from the left edge des the screen.

3.In die menu, tap on ‘Settings’.


4.Scroll down die settings food selection to ns ‘About’ section.

5.You möchte find ‘Play keep version’ on the menu. Tap on it.


6.If sie already have the most recent version des Play Store, sie will seen ‘Google play Store is up to date’ message on ns screen.


7.Else, Play Store möchte update automatically an the background und you will receive a notification after effective update.

Method 2: clean Play store Data

When sie use specific apps, some säule is gathered und stored on her device. This is app data. That contains information about your anwendung preferences, your saved settings, logins, etc. Whenever you clear anwendung data, the app is restored to its default state. The app goes back to the zustand when you zuerst downloaded it und all die saved settings and preferences will be removed. In cases your app becomes problematic und stops working, this method kann sein be utilized kommen sie reset ns app.

If you want kommen sie trigger the Play Store to update, you kann sein clear that is data. Wie you möchte clear Play store data, it möchte be checked zum the recent update. Kommen sie do this,

1.Go zu ‘Settings’ on her device.

2.Scroll under to the ‘App Settings’ section and tap on ‘Installed apps’ or ‘Manage apps’, relying on your device.


3.Search die list von apps weil das ‘Google pat Store’ und tap ~ above it.


4.On the apps details page, tap ~ above ‘Clear data’ or ‘Clear Storage’.


5.Restart her device.

6.Google Play save will anfang updating automatically.

7.In case freundin are dealing with some belästigt with the Play Store, try clearing data und cache zum Google pat Services too using the method together above. Your belästigung should be resolved.

Method 3: use Apk (Thrid-party Source)

If these approaches don’t work weil das you, there zu sein yet one more way. In this method, we will not try zu update ns existing apps but will try installing the latest version des Play store manually. Weil das this, you wollen need die most recent APK zum Play Store.

An APK file stands for android Package Kit that zu sein used to distribute and install android apps. It ist basically in archive of all ns components that collectively make in Android app. If sie want kommen sie install bei app without using google Play, you need kommen sie download that is APK and then install it. And, due to the fact that we want zu install the google Play save itself, we möchte need that APK.

Before installing in app from a source different indigenous Play Store, you wollen need zu enable die necessary permission. This permission ist required to loosen up the security conditions on your device. Kommen sie enable fasst from unknown sources, zuerst of all, sie should recognize the android version you are using. If sie don’t know it already,

1.Go kommen sie ‘Settings’ on her phone.

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2.Tap top top ‘About phone’.


3.Tab multiple mal on ‘Android version’.


4.You möchte be able to see your android version.

Once sie know your android version, enable die required ausführung on your an equipment using ns given steps:

ON android OREO OR PIE

1.Go kommen sie ‘Settings’ on your device und then to ‘Additional Settings’.


2.Tap ~ above ‘Privacy’. This procedure might it is in different depending on your device.


3.Select ‘Install unknown apps’.


4.Now, from this list, you schutz to select the browser indigenous where sie want zu download die APK.


5.Toggle on die ‘Allow native this source’ switch zum this source.



1.Go to ‘Settings’ und then ‘Privacy’ or ‘Security’ together required.

2.You möchte find a toggle switch zum ‘Unknown sources’.


3.Turn that on and confirm ns notification.

Once you schutz enabled the permission, you have to download the latest version of google Play Store.

1.Go to and search zum Play Store.

2.Download die latest version of Play Store from die list.


3.On the new page, scroll down zu ‘Download’ block und select the required variant relying on your requirement.


4.Once downloaded, tap on die APK file on her phone and click on ‘Install’ to install it.

5.The latest version von the google Play Store will be installed.


Now, you schutz the latest version von Play Store und can download all her favorite apps indigenous Play keep without having kommen sie face any belästigt at all.

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So, by following the above methods, you kann sein easily Update google Play Store. However if you blieb have any kind of queries regarding this tutorial then don’t hesitate zu ask them an the comment’s section below.